BWW Reviews: SINGIN' IN THE RAIN Makes Big Splash At The Fulton

And speaking of sound, SINGIN' IN THE RAIN is the source of some of the classic numbers loved by musical fans – "All I Do," "You Are My Lucky Star," the well-loved "Make 'Em Laugh" (performed marvelously by Brian Shepard in a frenzy of dancing), "Moses Supposes," "Broadway Melody," and the two most beloved numbers associated automatically with the show, "Good Mornin'" and "Singin' in the Rain".  For serious tap fans, "Moses Supposes" is possibly the show highlight, but the trio "Good Mornin'," staged to very much recall the movie (yes, the sofa is there, giving its contribution), is perfectly done, and one can almost hear the audience trying not to sing along. 

As for the title song, the Fulton has advertised that there is live water involved with the show, and this is true.  It does rain on stage, copiously, and the first several rows are in fact a "splash zone" with plastic rain gear provided by the theatre for those who might get wet.  Clark, as Lockwood, does a fine job of, as the song says, "dancin' and singin' in the rain," although he's slightly distracted by efforts to make sure the splash zone is sufficiently splashed.  Some will be delighted by the water park effect, and the front rows are for them.  Clark's dance routine is truly interactive with the front of the house.  If the idea of a small amount of water splashing on you is likely to wreck your existence, sit further back.  (A few audience members in the front could be heard vocalizing complaints about the small amount of water that reached them; quite frankly, the warnings had been made quite clear well before they entered the theatre, and there was liberal use of the disposable rain gear distributed by the theatre on the way in. They were on notice.  If you wish, you may bring your own raincoat.)  

This show does what it's set out to do.  It's pleasant, funny, familiar, and cozy.  It's a holiday-cheery, musically delightful romp for the holidays.  It takes work not to enjoy yourself, unless you fear a raindrop or two.  Go take the plunge and see it.  At the Fulton through December 29; call 717-397-7425 or visit

Photo credit: Fulton Theatre

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