VIDEO: Adam Lambert & Queen Perform 'Love Kills' at iHeartRadio Live Show

VIDEO: Adam Lambert & Queen Perform 'Love Kills' at iHeartRadio Live Show

The crowd was electric at the iHeartRadio Theater Los Angeles for the fully charged Queen with Adam Lambert iHeartRadio Live performance last night. The show, hosted by radio host and Motley Crue front-man Nikki Sixx, featured a Q&A with Queen's Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert. The event video streamed exclusively on Yahoo Screen and broadcasted live on air on all Classic Rock stations, with a 60-minute live stream online across station websites

Below, watch Queen band members Brian May and Roger Taylor and American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, who will soon embark on an arena tour across the U.S., performed the Queen song 'Love Kills!

The band performed eight of their iconic rock songs including: "We Will Rock You," "Another One Bites the Dust," "Fat Bottom Girls," and "Under Pressure." For the full set list, see below.

Nikki Sixx had the opportunity to sit down with the band prior to their performance to talk about their new relationship with Adam Lambert, their upcoming tour, the band's history and their performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival last September.

Nikki opened the conversation by asking Brian May if this truly was going to be their last tour. Brian told Nikki that he had previously mentioned this could be their last time touring whimsically. He told the audience that there is no reason to believe this is the end. The crowd at the iHeartRadio Theater erupted with applause and Brian elaborated saying that "the fact that we can do it on this scale and level is truly amazing."

Adam lambert said sometimes he finds himself watching the band on stage as a fan, being in awe of them and forgets he's performing. He also discussed what he's trying to do with the music, he said "It's the character that's in all the songs, it's what Freddie did so well. It's in the heart. It's this peacocking that happens. It's the rock n roll spirit that I love."

Brian discussed the relationship with Adam and how it started. He said "We didn't look for Adam, we just found him. Saw him on the idol finale and it was a natural thing from there. His voice is so incredible." Brian concluded by saying "He has a great confidence but has reality and humility. He likes to work."

Nikki Sixx talked about their performance last year at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and how it blew everyone away. He asked if they were testing the waters with that show.

He told Nikki that the iHeartRadio Music Festival was a moment they enjoyed and a big part of selling out their upcoming tour. Adam said "The festival was so diverse, it was a great experience and you could feel how Queen's music reaches a lot of different people. It was exciting to see that."

VIDEO: Adam Lambert & Queen Perform 'Love Kills' at iHeartRadio Live Show