Jazz Singer ISABEL ROSE to Perform at the Blue Note, 4/11


Jazz/swing/cabaret singer Isabel Rose performs at one of New York's premiere jazz clubs, the Blue Note, on April 11th. Rose joined a band that will include Tedd Firth on keys, Martin Wind on bass, Warren Odze on drums, Bernd Schoenhart on guitar, Roger Squitero on percussion, Mike Davis on trombone, Aaron Heick on sax, and C.J. Camerieri on trumpet.

Performances at the BLUE NOTE , 150 5th Avenue New York, NY on April 4, 2011 at 8pm & 10:30pm - 2 sets $20 at a table/$10 at the bar

As overachievers go, Isabel Rose makes Oprah look like a slacker. She is a published author, equally comfortable in the realms of fiction and non-fiction, an award-winning actress who has conquered stage and screens (big and small), a screenwriter whose 2003 hit film Anything But Love was deemed a "charmer" by the Los Angeles Times, and a playwright and composer who adapted her first novel, The J.A.P. Chronicles, into an off-Broadway musical that enjoyed an extended run in early 2006. If that weren't enough, she also graduated summa cum laude from Yale.

Now the multi-hyphenated Rose adds vocalist to her list of accomplishments. The cover of her debut album, Swingin' From the Hip, cheekily recalls Ann-Margret back in her hip-twitching Bye Bye Birdie days. She also owes a stylistic debt to the young Ms. Olsson, but Rose's purring sexiness is a jigger or two more mature, suggesting shades of Mary Ford and placing her squarely at the crossroads of jazz and cabaret (with a dash of Broadway power and pizzazz for good measure).

Understandably for someone of Rose's myriad interests, her playlist is remarkably wide-ranging, extending from early Gershwin through Tin Pan Alley, postwar Broadway and '60s pop to post-disco power rock. She rides in on Esquivelworthy waves, lifting "Aquarius" from its earthy Hair roots and sending it into a Starlight Express whirl. She then downshifts into a shimmering "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning" that ushers in a swirling, sun-dappled "It's A Lovely Day Today."