Justin Sayre's THE MEETING Presents 4th Annual HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA, 12/13

Justin Sayre's THE MEETING Presents 4th Annual HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA, 12/13

The Meeting* hosted by Justin Sayre - the acclaimed gay comedy/variety show - will continue its fourth season on
Thursday, December 13, 2012 at The Duplex in New York's West Village. According to Time Out New York, "The Meeting* has become a cult hit among a young, festive and culturally aware crowd. Sayre is an avatar of modern-retro cultivation."

Well the answer of course is yes, Justin Sayre is out, "To people in space," quips Sayre, but will he still be the Chairman in 2013? Rumors abound. After months of contention between Sayre and the Board of the I.O.S. (International Order of Sodomites), a decision will be reached this month as to the future of The Meeting*. All will be decided at the HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA!

The annual HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA! - always filled with musical merriment and comedy shenanigans - both lampoons and celebrates the happiest time of the year, with that special gay twist. Past features include "The Nativity of Quentin Crisp," "Serving in Silence: The Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer Story" and the famous "Truth or Dreidel" game. Each edition of The Meeting* honors a different gay icon; as part of our HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA!, the December show always pays tribute to celebrated raconteur and writer Quentin Crisp. Special guests will include Justin VivIan Bond, Michael MustoSpencer Day, Erin Markey, Frank DeCaro and Carole J. Bufford. Tracy Stark serves as Musical Director.

The Meeting*, the monthly gathering of the I.O.S. (International Order of Sodomites), has become a downtown sensation with its signature blend of outrageous comedy, political and social activism, and cultural education. Justin Sayre - the show's creator, writer and host - serves as the Chairman of the Board. Each month, the I.O.S gathers to educate the membership on essential business of the day through musical performances, skits, trivia and regular features such as "Letters to the Chairman" and "New Rulings from the Board." Justin Sayre and The Meeting* were named one of the Top 10 nightclub shows of 2011 by Time Out New York, received the 2012 Bistro Award for "Comedy Artistry" and a 2011 MAC Award nomination for Best Male Comedy Performance.

The I.O.S is the centuries-old secret organization of homosexuals and their friends - modeled after The Mattachine Society and other groups - that sets the mythic gay agenda. "At the heart of the show is community," Justin comments, "something that even with all our advancements, we still find hard to create or to maintain. But the thing that has been amazing to me is the reach of the show. So often, straight men and women, fathers and girlfriends, tell me they have had the best time. Comedy can really show people that we are all funny, fallible human beings stumbling around trying to do the right thing. There are differences of course, but by accepting them and celebrating them we show a pride in our common humanity that is infectious. The Meeting* is a gift: not something that I give, but something that I get. A chance to share my thoughts and ideas but also a great opportunity to celebrate gay culture. That's pretty good, huh?"

Past "agenda items" have addressed current issues such as the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda, the romantic saga of gay penguins at the San Francisco Zoo, and a guide to the so-called "Gay Panic" defense. The organization's valuable Public Service Announcements have included the Houseboy Relocation Program, helping Fire Island's displaced hired hands, and the Twink Literacy Campaign, dedicated to educating today's youth about classic gay culture (soon to be a digital short).

The monthly events have featured popular guest stars such as Nellie McKayChristian Campbell, Lea DeLaria, Marilyn Maye, Frank DeCaro, Molly PopeLance Horne, Lady Rizo, Tituss Burgess, Natalie Joy Johnson, Kenny MellmanRandy Rainbow, Maude Maggart, Jack Ferver, Murray Hill, Jeffery Self and Cole Escola, Bridget Everett, Steve Hayes, Poor Baby Bree and more. Previous shows have paid tribute to singers such as Dolly Parton and Diana Ross; films like "Valley of the Dolls" and "Beaches"; actresses such as Bea Arthur and Molly Ringwald; as well as playwrights and filmmakers like Tennessee Williams and John Waters.