Absolutely Amazing eBooks Presents Their Science Fiction Titles

Absolutely Amazing eBooks Presents Their Science Fiction Titles

Science fiction comes in many forms. Space Opera. Time Travel. Alternate History. Alien Invasions. Superhuman. Apocalyptic. Tech Noir. Cyberpunk. Space Westerns. Absolutely Amazing eBooks has them all (well, almost all) -- in both ebooks and 6" x 9" paperback editions.

The ebooks are priced from $1.99 to $3.99 max. And they are readable on your Kindle, Nook, iPad/iPhone, Galaxy, Kobe, even your PC. You can download them in seconds.

This month we're featuring Blue Moon by Dale Dapkins, a writer known as "the father of Social Science Fiction."

Click below to hear an exclusive interview with Dale Dapkins. Our own Jenna Stauffer asks him about his latest sci-fi novel.


Want to read it? Go to the Absolutely Amazing eBooks online store (AbsolutelyAmazingEbooks.com) and look under Science Fiction/Fantasy to purchase any of the following sci-fi titles. From Dale's new book to a classic by Rex Stout, from robots to time travel, apocalyptic tales of the end of the world and people who live forever, new and old stories by sci-fi master William R. Burkett, Jr., short stories by the legendary John W. Campbell, Jr. and a just-released can't-put-it-down novel by up-and-comer C.J. Daniels.

Take a look...

Blue Moon by Dale Dapkins, $3.99 ebook; $14.95 paperback. Science fantasy at its most imaginative. This is the only Toriik-authorized biography of Albert Einstein written in 2045. A troubling social science fiction account of damage inflicted by Einstein during his stay on Earth in the twentieth century.

Edison's Conquest of Mars (Illustrated) by Garrett P. Serviss, $2.99 ebook; $14.95 paperback. Thomas Edison in outer space? A steampunk retelling of history? Martian invaders? Yes, it's all here in this sci-fi classic written in 1898. This unique edition is illustrated by nearly 150 photographs.

Sleeping Planet by William R. Burkett, Jr., $3.99 ebook; $14.95 paperback. Science Fiction Encyclopedia described this as a "hard-edged" tale of the 24th-century conquest of Earth by an alien empire the humans had judged too stupid to pull off such a coup. Now it's up to a handful of insomniacs (and a ghost) to take back this sleeping planet.