Jane Lynch wants to play Rose in GYPSY on Broadway

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But she acknowledges the timing isn't right because "It's been done a lot lately in New York" and "Nobody's asked her, either".

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No thank you.
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Right after Streisand gets around to making that movie version.
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Am I the only one who would actually like to see this? It would work regionally, perhaps.
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What region? Some alternate universe?
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It's best to know one's limits. There's no auto-tune for Rose's Turn. I think Glee has somehow made some of these actors think they are triple threats.

I'd pay top dollar to see her as one of the strippers though.
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Finding any actress who would NOT want to play that role would be more noteworthy.
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These nay nays remind me of the response when Tyne was in rehearsals to play Rose..

And most people thought that was a huge success. I wouldn't go that far, but that's beside the point. The point - and I do have one - is oh ye of little faith.
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"The point - and I do have one - is oh ye of little faith."

I thought the point was that she just said a bunch of roles she'd like to play in a random interview, not that any of them are happening?
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I agree, who doesn't want to play Rose, female or male?
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She played the stripper Electra when she was in college. She talks about it in her book.
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It's too soon now, but in a few years, I'd love to see her tackle the role. I think she'd be great. She was terrific in Annie and showcased quite a nice voice without auto tune. There have certainly been worse singers that have played the role.

I think a regional production or a benefit concert might be best, though.
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Her singing voice is certainly more pleasant than Tyne's.
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I'd actually be more interested in seeing her play Mame or Auntie Mame, both of which she also mentions.

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She seems more like a Vera than a Mame.
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^I agree.
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She might make a better Rose for the screen than Streisand, but I don't think a major studio would back that.
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She'd be great in "Anyone Can Whistle."
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Personally, I'd love to see Lynch tackle Ruth in WONDERFUL TOWN.
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I saw Jane in Annie last summer and didn't mind her singing at all. I'd be interested in seeing her tackle Mama Rose. Maybe if the Hollywood Bowl ever did Gypsy?
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"Personally, I'd love to see Lynch tackle Ruth in WONDERFUL TOWN."

Which is a perfect role for her.

A lot of actresses want to play Gypsy because they can make a huge splash in the role. But any actress can make a huge splash in that role because that's the way the material is written.

An actress can make a huge splash as Ruth in Wonderful Town, but she's required to actually have talent. It's in the material, but the actress has to draw it out.
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Vera and Ruth. Now THOSE are much more sensible choices for Lynch.
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I saw Jane Lynch in Annie and I thought she was good but I also thought Faith Prince was infinitely better.

I'd like to see Jane come back to Broadway but maybe not as Mama Rose. Vera is a great suggestion though.
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Just what we need. The 1000 th revival of Gypsy.
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What revival, Mr. Roxy? She clearly states it's been too soon and that no one has asked her. And the thread title clearly says she WANTS to play the role, not that she will or is expected to or is in talks for it.
I think it'd be interesting casting. Nothing about her jumps at me in terms of thinking she'd be particularly great at it, but she's got great instincts, give her a good director and she might turn in something surprising. Maybe somewhere like the Papermill?
Somethingwicked, you're full of brilliant casting ideas this week! Donna Murphy in MASTER CLASS! Jane Lynch as Ruth in WONDERFUL TOWN! Genius.
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