He Forgave Me

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Can anyone who saw the show in early previews or at Williamstown elaborate on what exactly the context was? And maybe even what the song sounded like a little? Was it just extraneous to the plot, not a good song, etc?
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Sutton Ross
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He Forgave Me
Posted: 4/24/14 at 11:43pm
It's sung by Francesca's sister in act 2. It was out of place, took me out of the current story being presented, and as a user said in another Bridges thread "The song doesn't work fundamentally because the character encouraging Francesca to seek forgiveness is a pretty vile one that we've been taught not to like. And so we may associate Francesca's affair with her sister's many lovers."
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He Forgave Me
Posted: 4/25/14 at 12:51am
That number, which I saw in Williamstown last summer, took me out of the show and curiously into NINE. It was a good song and performed well, just not right for the flow and tone of the show. I'm glad it was cut.
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He Forgave Me
Posted: 4/25/14 at 01:20am
A friend in the show on B'way said it was a huge decision to cut it. Sher/Brown went back and forth on it.
Mr Roxy
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He Forgave Me
Posted: 4/25/14 at 02:54am
It is a shame it probably not on the upcoming cast album recording.
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He Forgave Me
Posted: 4/25/14 at 03:02am
I saw it in the first weekend of previews and I understand why they cut it, but it was such a good song and a nice moment for Whitney Bashor who is excellent in both of her roles.
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He Forgave Me
Posted: 4/25/14 at 06:01am
I don't think it's on the cd Roxy, but I'm sure someone will record it for a solo album (Lauren Kennedy? JRB himself?).
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