Was Patti LuPone considered for playing Aimee in Scandalous?

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Stumbled upon this interview of Patii LuPone and Laura Benanti on the Today Show and Kathy Lee said she had a role she was writing for Patti... Could this have been for Scandalous. If so, Patti probably turned it down right when she got the material.
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I never saw the show, but I remember hearing (years ago) that Linda Eder was considered at one point too.

Kathy Lee Gifford is a big fan of Eder's... and having only heard the score, sounds very Eder-esque with all the big belting (Carolee, as well, sounds great).
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I'd be surprised to hear Kathie Lee was referring to the show SCANDALOUS since Carolee Carmello had previously spent years on the project playing it at the Signature Theatre and then in Seattle at the 5th Avenue. And other than considering her for her name value, I doubt LuPone could have sung the role 8 times a week unless they altered it drastically. I was amazed at what they expected Carmello to sing throughout the show. As it was the vocal demands of the score were excessive for a woman years younger than LuPone. And though I think LuPone is a wonderful actress, it was already a BIG stretch believing Carmello as a teenager in the first act. I remember thinking at the time I saw the show that the only actress I could see the producers possibly considering in the lead role other than Carmello would be Rachel York. Still I'd be interested to know the answer to your question. However if it wasn't SCANDALOUS, I doubt we'll see another Gifford related show any time in the near future.
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Originally the role was written for two women and then Carolee told Kathie and the creative team that she wanted and thought she was capable playing both young and mature Aimee. Carolee wanted the role of a life time, and she got it. I think in the entire show she had maybe 10 minutes where she was off stage. If it were done by two women as opposed to one then the role would not be one that was excruciating challenging.
It would still be excruciating - just not as challenging.
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did enjoy Scandalous but better sets would have helped. It also would have helped if Carolee just played the grown up Aimee and not the young one as well.
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I seem to recall Christine Ebersole being attached to the project at some point, prior to Carolee.
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No, you're mistaking Christine Ebersole for Loretta Swit.
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Dollypop, what the hell is it with you and Loretta Swit?!
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Kathie Lee Gifford says things like that to anyone and everyone. If Adolf Hitler had been sitting there, she would have said the same thing to him. It's part of her "let's talk about you but really talk about me" persona.

When VICTOR/VICTORIA opened on Broadway there was a "Red Carpet" TV special and all of the celebs entering the theater were interviewed. When asked about how excited she was to have Julie Andrews back on Broadway after so many years, her response was to boast that the producers had contacted her about playing the role. It's all about Kathie, all day, every day.
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