What do you want out of 2014 in the theatre world?

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Amanda Palmer as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar.
Merrily We Roll Along to transfer to America from the West End.
A Passing Strange cast reunion concert.
That treatment for a Muppet broadway musical to happen.
The gay rework of Company to come to Broadway.

Thatís what I want out of 2014
What about you?
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Merrily We Roll Along transfer
King and I at Lincoln Center
My Fair Lady with Laura Benanti at the Palace Theatre
"Thereís nothing quite like the power and the passion of Broadway music. "
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I think some of this is wishful thinking, but what the heck...

--Jessie Mueller takes on a role with new original music (I know she's originating her role in Beautiful, but I'd love to see her really create a new role)
--The long rumored LCT King and I
--Nina Arianda tackles a musical and knocks us all out
--A revival of The Rink
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--Fun Home transfer to Broadway, if only for Tony eligibility
--Rights released for one or two more of the current crop of Broadway long-runners
--Jukebox musical from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band about the Jersey Shore in the 1970s, post-Vietnam
--Danny Elfman finally contributes a theatre score, as he has long said that he would
--Tim Minchin demo recordings for "Matilda" leak to YouTube
--"Princess Bride" musical premieres and is good
--Nobody else writes a musical based on the two public domain properties I am developing shows from
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- Max Crumm in Avenue Q as Princeton/Rod

- Laura Osnes playing a bad girl (I know she won't but a girl can dream)

- Fun Home Broadway Transfer

- Jessie Mueller winning the Tony

- New musicals, please!! None of the "based on..." crap
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Everything is based on something, so this no based on crap. Is well crap!
Well I didn't want to get into it, but he's a Satanist. Every full moon he sacrifices 4 puppies to the Dark Lord and smears their blood on his paino. This should help you understand the score for Wicked a little bit more. Tazber's: Reply to Is Stephen Schwartz a Practicing Christian
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Fun Home is based on a graphic novel so...
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A 50th Anniversary production of HELLO, DOLLY! with Georgia Engel as Dolly.
"Long live God!" (GODSPELL)
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My Fair Lady at LCT
Fun Home transfer (duh)
Merrily We Roll Along transfer
American Psycho transfer (at least to West End)
For the Cabaret revival to be just as good as the original revival
Stephen Ward to crash and burn
Strictly Ballroom transfer
King Kong transfer
Honeymoon transfer
Anything regarding shows stated by this account is an attempt to convey opinion and not fact.
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-Donna Murphy announces her return to Broadway in something fabulous like MAME or an actually good new show (none of that PEOPLE IN THE PICTURE nonsense)
-BULLETS OVER BROADWAY ends up being a critical and popular hit alike
-Lauren Ambrose is cast in a Broadway musical and blows it out of the park
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For revivals to stop being revisals.
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A revival of "City Of Angels"

Come on guys, this one is a no-brainer. It's a great show and needs to have a production. My only reservation is can they find top notch talent to play the roles. I don't want Hollywood names trying their hand at Broadway. I want musical theater actors who know how to sell the songs and make this show sing.
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Just for Cabaret to be the most brilliant thing I've ever seen. I've been waiting so long that I'm scared it won't possibly satisfy me.
I leave the room smiling.
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I put-in for the newsdesk internship at Haven't heard anything back as of yet but will send a follow-up letter the day after Christmas. Really enjoy theatre and would like very much to meet some of the wonderful and talented personalities of the community.
Tom McGovern Jr
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Laura Osnes already played a bad girl in a BONNIE & Clyde.
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Kristin Chenoweth in On the Twentieth Century.

Someone asked her on Twitter when she would be back on Broadway and she responded "Announcement coming soon.. Broadway bound!".

But I feel like she does that a lot, and then plans 3485345843 movies and concerts.

Oh, and anything with Laura Benanti. I would love to see Sarah Paulson or Jessica Lange back in a play as well!
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- Cabaret to become an open-ended run
- Amanda Palmer to take over for the Emcee or Sally Bowles in Cabaret if it extends
- Rebecca to finally open on Broadway
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-Jessie Mueller having a great leading role that plays to all of her strengths! She deserves something AMAZING
-A revival of The Secret Garden (I can dream)
-A lot of new and original work, with a lot of up and coming composers and lyricists making their Broadway debuts!
-Patti LuPone winning her third Tony
-Heathers: the Musical to transfer to Broadway and become a HIT
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The Bodyguard opens at the Marquis Theatre
Michelle Williams slays as Sally Bowles in Cabaret
Patina Miller will extend her stay in Pippin
If/Then becomes a huge success and gets Idina her second Tony nomination
NPH doesn't host the Tony awards
A new Glinda not familiar with Wicked or its various tours or other productions will be cast
Diner opens
Danna Paola joins the cast of Wicked as Elphaba

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Full orchestras. Unlikely, I know, but that's what I would like.
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Sally Durant Plummer
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A full-scale revival of ANYONE CAN WHISTLE in its original three acts, using the original orchestrations with a full orchestra. Patti LuPone as Cora and Sutton Foster as Fay.
"I know what a show-stopping song is. I know what you get a Tony for. Neither of those songs were it. And Sheryl Lee Ralph didn't even get nominated. Even with the new material. You know as an artist when somebody's giving you material that will stop a show. Give me the material. I know how to stop a show." - Tonya Pinkins Blocked: mjohnson2, Sue Storm (Sutton Ross)
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More nudity!!
What I want--and what I know is coming, maybe not this year, but soon--is a surge of theatre created by non-white artists (that actually gets PRODUCED) that breathes some much-needed life into the increasingly antiquated and socioculturally benign thing we call "American Theatre".

I want Asian, Black, Latino, and Indigenous actors to be used for more than just diversifying Broadway ensembles. I want them to be given better material than sh*tty jukebox musicals and frivolous revues, so that they, too, can build careers and legacies that for too long have mostly only existed for white actors. And writers. And directors. And composers and lyricists.

(In that vein, I want to begin to exist in a world where a production featuring an Asian cast and culturally Asian point of view won't be met with ignorant BWW posters wondering if there's an audience for it.)

I want play-going to be less expensive and far more accessible to the average citizen, who is often excluded from our frivolous proceedings, even though they tend to enjoy and engage with theatre on a far more lively level than the average, cynical, "sophisticated" theatregoer. The Foundry Theatre proved this mightily with "Good Person of Szechwan", and the Public is proving that right now with their Mobile Shakespeare Unit.

I want theatre to begin to become culturally relevant again in 2014. I want to see plays in NY about the world around us: NSA scandals, racist policing and mass incarceration, the aftermath of drone bombings, the devastation of income inequality. SOMETHING to connect it to the world we actually live in, right now, and the people in it--which only happens once in a blue moon.

I want more Steppenwolf productions to transfer here, so that that which is condescendingly referred to as "Regional Theatre", and its practitioners, can keep showing NYers the fire that is commonly missing from our stages.

I like the UK/Broadway connection, but I want that pipeline to expand to South America, Africa, and Asia.

This is just a few of the things on my wish list.
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Blactor, what makes you sure that is coming soon?
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I'm a Hispanic lyricist, librettist and composer, but I can't say that my Hispanic/Latino heritage has huge effect on the things that I write. Am I a step in the right direction, or just more clutter?

I'm just wondering because you seem to be calling for more diversity, but only as much as it creates actual socially progressive dialogue.

"Soon" may mean two years from now, or 25 years from now, but there is a growing awareness of the need for, and absence of, inclusion. Younger staff that are in assistant admin positions at theatres recognize the gaps in programming, and will rise to prominence, creating opportunities for the savvy but under-represented artists they are building connections with right now. The roadblock is that the people who can make the most change as far as diversity is concerned are the least qualified to make it happen.


No! You are NOT clutter! Please keep creating! You are one of a slew of non-white artists who have important things to say that doesn't revolve around a specific ethnicity or culture. But you also say that your heritage doesn't have a "huge" impact on your writing, so I can only assume that it has at least a touch...a little can go a long way in terms of mould-breaking.


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