Rock of Ages at Helen Hayes Seating Question

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Hi, I generally go for center seats but this show seems pretty booked up in the center for our available dates.

It is offering 3 seats off to the side (6-8-10 or 5-7-9) would this view still be OK?

With the setup of the stage are we better off on one side over the other?

Thanks in advance!
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We saw it from approx row F, 7 + 9, and that was fine. You should be able to get those for 50% off.
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If you're able to rush the show you can get front row for around $37. My opinion, the best seats in the house.
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Student rush only, and usually they only have the against the wall available at that price. and agaisnt the wall are pretty much the only bad seats in the venue.

Any center orch seats are great views, any aisle seats row C or further back are great, I think the front few get a little obstructed on the odd number side (the bathroom, and the offices of the Mayor, Ja'Keith and Justice get blocked) and most of the mezz is unobstructed. The sound rig blocks the top of the video screen in the last few rows.
For those who have seen the show via student rush lately, would you recommend spending a little more money (perhaps TKTS, as I don't qualify for TDF) rather than sitting in the rush seats? Thanks so much!
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I did rush tix last year and I believe I got E 8 and 10 or something like that on the extreme right. You miss some of the action at the bar but it wasn't horrible.
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