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Joe's Pub has announced the following upcoming events.


January 16 at 7:30pm


Herman Dune started their career internationally, thanks to UK DJ John Peel who played them a lot and invited them to something like 10 Peel Sessions. Until 2006 they gained a cult status by touring across the world intensively and releasing a lot of music through independent, punk, D.I.Y. or Underground Record labels. In 2006, the release of “Giant” (Source etc./Virgin) coincides with the band becoming a duo, with André taking leave. Giant propels Herman Dune to a wider recognition. They soon record and release “Next Year in Zion”. In 2010, Herman Dune cut loose of all previous bonds to start their own Record Company Strange Moosic. They go record new material in Portland, Oregon with Adam Selzer and release their new songs in an album called Strange Moosic (Strange Moosic/G.U.M/City Slang/Fortuna Pop). Strange Moosic is a new start for Herman Dune, and "Tell Me Something I Don't Know", the first single, announces change with a video featuring a Young runaway Yeti and actor John Hamm from Mad Men. Herman Dune will intensively tour through 2011 and 2012, with the most simple line-up, often just core duo Yaya and Cosmic Néman, but also with Bass Player Ben Pleng.



February 2 at 9:30pm


Seven years ago Ara Starck met David Jarre in Paris. She was a painter, he was a magician. Their meeting produced magic of another kind, crystallised today in The Two, a duo that weaves together its members’ atypical career paths, and melds their singularities in a shared intimacy. The starting point for The Two was the song “I Wanna Be With You Again” ,the first song they ever sang together, early 2009. From then on Ara and David shut themselves away from the world, at home and then in an empty studio, to sing, write and record, fine-tuning a work that involved no other musicians and no producer. On their debut album, Ara and David are seemingly rediscovering the magic of uncluttered melody, primary sound colours and simple words, all underlined with strength and elegance by their vocal harmony. As though improvised, The Two’s music speaks with a rare natural voice. All the songs are very direct and have the quality of enchanting rough sketches on which the voices of Ara and David imprint their singular charm, reflecting a shared melancholy and solitude. Whether they choose to sing in unison, or in Q&A, the songs tell the story of two people sharing a fascinating complicity, rich with a thousand affinities and an equal dose of turbulence.



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