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Billy Elliot The Musical

Billy Elliot The Musical#0
Posted: 8/8/05 at 6:55am
I have just discovered this site and am still having trouble working out how to use it so i hope this goes in to the right area. I have just spent about half an hour reading over all the posts in the Billy Elliot topic and have found it a great help with lots of new infomation coming out and great pictures that i have never seen before.

Well any way hello Im lucy and have always been a fan of Billy Elliot the film so when i herd about the musical i had to get tickets striaght away. as i am only 15 i ovbiously had to get my mum to get them for me. I went to see the show on July 28th and had George as Billy. And i must admit when this news first came to my ears i was a tad disipointed as i am compleltly in love with James, and am sad to see him and Ashley go on September 17th but i have tickets to see the show on that day so i will hopefully get to see him on his last show.
After the show i met Geroge and James outside of the stage door and they are such nice boys they were happy to sign our programs nad have a little chat with us, even thoug we were keeping george from seeing his parents.
I will be coming back on here reguarly now and i am going to investigate this place now and try to understand how to use it a bit more. hope this went in to the right place

lucy X
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re: Billy Elliot The Musical#1
Posted: 11/13/05 at 1:39pm
Join one of the biggest threads at for news, chat, video links and updates on the original cast recording.


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