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New Double Album LOST WEST END VINTAGE 1948-1962 Celebrates London's Forgotten Musicals

Following the critically acclaimed release of 'Lost West End' (2015) and 'Lost West End 2' (2016), albums highlighted in both The Sunday Times and The Guardian, Stage Door Records are pleased to continue the album series with the 2CD set 'Lost West End Vintage' released on July 28th 2017.

LOST WEST END VINTAGE celebrates London's forgotten musicals of the 1940s, 50s and 60s, compiling songs from 35 West End productions and showcasing these unique theatrical works from the golden age of the British musical.

Presented as a Deluxe Edition 2CD set; 'Lost West End Vintage' features over 50 tracks (including over 20 tracks appearing on CD for the first time) from London cast recordings to pop covers, live recordings and other musical rarities. Ranging from 1948 to 1962, the selections featured include a broad range of musical styles and genres from prolific theatre composers including Ivor Novello, Noel Coward, Julian Slade, Sandy Wilson, Lionel Bart, Leslie Bricusse, David Heneker, Monty Norman, Vivian Ellis and more. The album includes a glittering ensemble of star performers including; Pat Kirkwood, George Formby, Anna Neagle, Sally Ann Howes, Frankie Howerd, Bertice Reading, Hy Hazell, Elisabeth Welch, Jeremy Brett, Edmund Hockridge, Cliff Richard, Tommy Steele, Beatrice Lillie and Petula Clark.

The 'Lost West End Vintage' musicals included are: 'Carissima' (1948), 'Cage Me A Peacock' (1948), 'Ace Of Clubs' (1950), 'Dear Miss Phoebe' (1950), 'Blue For A Boy' (1950), 'Gay's The Word' (1951), 'Zip Goes A Million' (1951), 'The Glorious Days' (1953), 'Happy Holiday' (1954), 'Twenty Minutes South' (1955), 'Romance In Candlelight' (1955), 'Listen To The Wind' (1955), 'Wild Grows The Heather' (1956), 'Aladdin - The Wonderful Lamp' (1956), 'Grab Me A Gondola' (1956), 'Harmony Close' (1957), 'Lady At The Wheel' (1958), 'Expresso Bongo' (1958), 'Mister Venus' (1958), 'Chrysanthemum' (1958), 'Valmouth' (1959), 'Lock Up Your Daughters' (1959), 'The Crooked Mile' (1959), 'Kookaburra' (1959), 'Make Me An Offer' (1959), 'When In Rome' (1959), 'Follow That Girl' (1960), 'Johnny The Priest' (1960), 'The Golden Touch' (1960), 'Call It Love' (1960), 'Belle, Or The Ballad Of Dr, Crippen' (1961), 'Stop The World I Want To Get Off' (1961), 'Wildest Dreams' (1961), 'Scapa!' (1962), 'Vanity Fair' (1962).

Although the shows didn't last, their music lives on and this collection affirms that the 'lost' musicals featured are well worth rediscovering.

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1. IT'S BOUND TO BE RIGHT ON THE NIGHT - Cicely Courtneidge (from 'Gay's The Word')
2. CHASE ME CHARLIE / EVENING IN SUMMER / I LIKE AMERICA - Pat Kirkwood, Sylvia Cecil, Graham Payn (from 'Ace Of Clubs')
3. ZIP GOES A MILLION / RUNNING AWAY TO LAND - George Formby, Warde Donovan (from 'Zip Goes A Million')
4. THE GLORIOUS DAYS (Part One) - Anna Neagle (from 'The Glorious Days')
5. THE GLORIOUS DAYS ( Part Two) - Anna Neagle (from 'The Glorious Days')
6. CARISSIMA - Lester Ferguson (from 'Carissima')
7. I SEE EVERYTHING I LOVE IN YOU - Bill O'Connor, Valerie Miller (from 'Wild Grows The Heather')
8. THIS IS LOVE - Donald Scott, Joan Bailey (from 'Twenty Minutes South')
9. LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE - Sally Ann Howes, Jacques Pils (from 'Romance In Candlelight')
10. SEW A SILVER BUTTON ON THE MOON - Reg Dixon (from 'Happy Holiday')
11. SONG AND DANCE MAN - Frankie Howerd (from 'Mister Venus')
12. FOLLOW THAT GIRL - Peter Gilmore (from 'Follow That Girl')
13. GIRL ON THE HILL - John Baddeley, Anna Dawson (from 'Wildest Dreams')
14. CALL IT LOVE - Richard Owens (from 'Call It Love')
15. STOP! - June Laverick (from 'When In Rome')
16. THE EARLY BIRDIE - Lucille Mapp (from 'Lady At The Wheel')
17. MY BIG BEST SHOES - Bertice Reading (from 'Valmouth')
18. GRAB ME A GONDOLA - Company (from 'Grab Me A Gondola')
19. PORTOBELLO ROAD - Company (from 'Make Me An Offer')
20. MEET ME AT THE STRAND - Nicolette Roeg (from 'Belle, Or The Ballad Of Dr Crippin')
21. WHEN DOES THE RAVISHING BEGIN - Hy Hazell (from 'Lock Up Your Daughters')
22. I AM - Millicent Martin (from 'Expresso Bongo')
23. THE RIGHT KIND OF MAN - Maggie Fitzgibbon (from 'Kookaburra')
24. IF I EVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN - Elisabeth Welch (from 'The Crooked Mile')
25. A BOY CALLED JOHNNY - Jeremy Brett (from 'Johnny The Priest')
26. NO MORE LOVE SONGS - Pat Kirkwood (from 'Chrysanthemum')
27. SOMEONE TO BELIEVE IN - Gordon Boyd (from 'Vanity Fair')

1. SELECTIONS FROM 'CARISSIMA' - Theatre Orchestra Conducted By Hans May (from 'Carissima')
2. TIME ALONE WILL TELL - The Melody Maids (from 'Cage Me A Peacock')
3. BLUE FOR A BOY - Pear Carr, Dick James (from 'Blue For A Boy')
4. ORDINARY PEOPLE - Reg Dixon (from 'Zip Goes A Million')
5. I LEAVE MY HEART IN AN ENGLISH GARDEN - Edmund Hockridge (from 'Dear Miss Phoebe')
6. I SEE EVERYTHING I LOVE IN YOU (Single Version) - Bill O'Connor (from 'Wild Grows The Heather')
7. WHEN IN ROME - Andy Cole (from 'When In Rome')
8. BE NOT AFRAID - Toni Dalli (from 'Johnny The Priest')
9. FUNNY THING - Johnny Wade (from 'The Golden Touch')
10. LOVE LIKE OURS - Joan Regan (from 'Mister Venus')
11. LOVE HIM (Single Version) - Diana Coupland (from 'Make Me An Offer')
12. SIESTA - The Beverley Sisters (from 'Lady At The Wheel')
13. GETTING NOWHERE FAST - Mike Shaun (from 'Harmony Close')
14. THE SHRINE ON THE SECOND FLOOR - Cliff Richard (from 'Expresso Bongo')
15. KOOKABURRA - Tommy Steele (from 'Kookaburra')
16. THE DIT-DIT SONG - Tommy Steele (from 'Belle, Or The Ballad Of Dr Crippen)
17. MY BIG BEST SHOES - Tommy Steele (from 'Valmouth')
18. TYPICALLY ENGLISH - Beatrice Lillie (from 'Stop The World - I Want To Get Off!')
19. LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS - Lionel Bart (from 'Lock Up Your Daughters')
20. SATURDAY NIGHT - Robb Stewart (from 'Chrysanthemum')
21. ONE, TWO, THREE - Eleanor Drew, Harry Dawson (from 'Follow That Girl')
22. NAUGHTY GALE BIRD - Dick Bentley (from 'Listen To The Wind')
23. SELECTIONS FROM 'ALADDIN - THE MAGIC LAMP' - Norman Evans, Dickie Henderson, Norma Evans, Jean Metcalfe, David Croft

24. SELECTIONS FROM 'SCAPA!' (Live) - David Hughes
25. ORDINARY PEOPLE (Live) - George Formby, Petula Clark (from 'Zip Goes A Million')

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