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EDINBURGH 2022: Rich Hardisty Q&A

EDINBURGH 2022: Rich Hardisty Q&A

EDINBURGH 2022: Rich Hardisty Q&A

BWW catches up with Rich Hardisty to chat about bringing Silly Boy to the 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Tell us a bit about Silly Boy

It's the story of why I am the way I am and my journey with various mental illnesses. (But in a very funny and different way :)

Is it quite a heavy show?

No, I mean I do talk about some heavy stuff....but the show is very light hearted and upbeat because that is my nature.

I am not a heavy person and I wanted the show to reflect me and have the same feeling you would if you met me in real life.

There is no "woe is me"'s kind of a celebration of how my brain works. I am actually glad all the bad stuff happened...because it got me where I am today!

Why did you feel it was important to tell this story?

It's important for me personally/selfishly because I want people to understand me and why I am the way I am.

It has been very cathartic doing this show. To talk about the worst parts of your life and get a roar of laughter is very healing.

I also always feel like I might be I wanted to create a show so hopefully no one will ever misunderstand me ever again.

I guess the other reason it is important is because it appears to be helping other people!

More than I could ever have imagined!

Not only people who have suffered themselves...but people who are close to people who have suffered with what i talked about.

Oh also (and i never saw this coming) but even psychotherapists have messaged me saying how much its helped them!

I actually had 2 therapists in the front row at a show who messaged me saying "we just learned more from your show than any academic paper or text book we've read"

And another therapist loved it so much....she went and got funding from the government...and in a few weeks I'm doing the show at a psychological research institute to 100 therapists!


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