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EDINBURGH 2019: Jack Tucker Q&A

EDINBURGH 2019: Jack Tucker Q&A

Astonishingly killer character comedy in Jack Tucker: COMEDY STAND UP HOUR sees Zach Zucker lampoon every bad joke and hack comic in the book with conviction that has had audiences as extremely baffled, as they are entertained. Jack Tucker chats to BroadwayWorld before what he is certain to be the greatest comedy show you'll ever see.

Tell us a bit about Comedy Standup Hour

In my show I stand up onstage and tell funny jokes, humorous anecdotes, hilarious stories, and dangerous political commentary!!!!!! I will also have funny and hilarious interactions with the audience, but careful ladies: I'm a married man*!!!!! Besides, I'm sure you know the old English saying... What happens in Edinburgh, stays in Edinburgh. After all, it is the original Vice City!!!!! I heard Edinburgh was like Miami, Vegas, and Buffalo all rolled into one!!!!

* Legally I'm obligated to clarify that I'm in the midst of getting divorced and I can no longer call my wife Sharon my wife.

How would you describe Jack Tucker's comedy style?
My show is like a hot dog. The meat is the comedy, and the bun is the audience. And the ketchup is the laughs!!! And the mustard too, those are more laughs!!! And if you're lucky, you might just find some relish, which is REALLY BIG LAUGHS!!!! It's just something you wanna eat, there's something for everybody. I really recommend hot dogs.

How has the show been received so far?

Incredible. Audiences absolutely love it. People get up on their feet, sometimes before the show's even done and walk out of the room to go and tell their friends about it!!!!! Sometimes this happens only 10 or 15 minutes into a show (!!!!!) I really feel like I'm connecting with the folks who come to my shows. I'm not surprised... People love to laugh, I love to make 'em laugh, and who am I kidding - I get a kick out of it too!!!

Who would you recommend comes to see it?

Men, women, children, uncles, brothers, mothers, lovers, sisters, misters, tricksters and fools.

Are there any other shows you're hoping to catch in Edinburgh?


Zack Zucker performs in Jack Tucker: Comedy Stand-Up Hour at Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 1st - 25th August (not 14th). Tickets and more information: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/jack-tucker-comedy-stand-up-hour

Photo credit: Dylan Woodley

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