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EDINBURGH 2019: Crybabies Q&A

EDINBURGH 2019: Crybabies Q&A

DANGER BRIGADE is an absurdist suicide mission of a World War Two drama and the barmy brainchild of brand-new sketch troupe CRYBABIES, with highly talented performers Michael Clarke, Ed Jones and James Gault. Ahead of CRYBABIES debut at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival we asked them some questions about what to expect from the show.

Tell us a bit about Danger Brigade.

It's a surreal comedy-adventure set in World War Two. The Allies learn of a Nazi plan to create a mythical monster that could spell the end of the world. Unfortunately, their best agent has gone missing, so it's down to three damaged and deeply insecure losers to try and save the day. We follow captain of banality Skipps McCoy, celebrity superspy Chester Daggerboot, and Porky, on a mysterious journey behind enemy lines as the familiar setting of the Second World War gradually fades into a strange world of talking furniture, father issues, and skeleton armies.

How would you describe your style of comedy?

Fast, frenetic and surreal. We like to have what initially seem like throwaway jokes slowly take over and steer the performance into increasingly absurd directions, often driven by the characters' insecurities or egos. Like the footnotes of a book becoming the main story. As this is our first full-length show, we wanted to give it a narrative rather than be a series of stand-alone sketches, in order to really have fun with it and see how far we can push our characters. It's also important to us that the audience grow to genuinely care for the three broken freaks at the heart of the story so that they fully immerse themselves in the show's absurdity.

How long have you all been performing together?

Since we met at uni. Whilst there, we acted in a number of shows together. One was a family show about goblins which turned out to be highly misjudged, money-making con by someone with severe depression. Michael was also quite visibly still in love with his ex-girlfriend who was in the cast and he dealt with it really well. After graduating we decided we didn't want to start properly contributing to society just yet, so began writing together as a three.

What are the perks of performing in a PayWhatYouWant Venue?

It makes your show more accessible to the public. With so much on in Edinburgh, people are often more likely to take a punt on something if they can decide the price. Also, if the show becomes popular and people start having to book ahead in order to get in, it becomes a ticketed show. Most of our favourite acts like Spencer Jones, Lou Sanders and John Kearns continue to perform their shows under the PWYW model. It means you can do Edinburgh and only lose the majority of your money, rather than all of it.

What's next for you after Edinburgh?

Bar work probably. Think James' Dad is giving him £20 to help clear the garden out.

Crybabies: Danger Brigade is at Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 1st -25th August (not 14th). Tickets and more information:

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