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BWW Feature: WICKED Stars Share Their Favourite Lines From The Show

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BWW Feature: WICKED Stars Share Their Favourite Lines From The Show
Helen Woolf and Nikki Bentley as
Glinda and Elphaba in Wicked

What's your favourite line from Wicked? Now flying into its 14th year, current stars of the show, Nikki Bentley, Helen Woolf and Alistair Brammer spoke to BroadwayWorld about their favourite lines and moments from the hit musical set in Oz.

**Please note this article contains some Wicked plot spoilers!**

The resident Elphaba Thropp, Bentley, says her favourite line is one she says in "One Short Day" when she's surrounded by all things emerald. "My favourite line is 'For the first time, I'm somewhere where I belong.'" (Personally, that's one of my favourites too!)

On other favourite moments in the show, it's no surprise Bentley's show-stopping Act I finale is at the top of her list. "I think it would be really hard not to say flying in 'Defying Gravity' was one of my favourite moments in Wicked.

"It's just one of those iconic moments in theatre. Besides the song on its own, it's one of those moments where the orchestration, the lighting, the staging...everything comes together and creates an unforgettable moment."

"I also love 'For Good'. It's something Helen and I share so well together every single day that we perform it. The song always fills me with emotion. I love it."

Woolf travels by bubble eight shows a week as Glinda the Good Witch and enjoys a number of her character's lines in the show. "I'd probably say my favourite line is, 'I've had so many friends, but only one that mattered' as we go into "For Good".

"Plus, 'It's good to see me, isn't it?' is a great line. I'm flying in on a bubble while saying it. Who wouldn't enjoy that?!"

She also enjoys watching Bentley flying solo and free above audiences at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. "I love watching [Nikki] doing 'Defying Gravity', because I just get to stand there and watch her sing the hell out of it. It's absolutely jaw-dropping every day."

BWW Feature: WICKED Stars Share Their Favourite Lines From The Show
Alistair Brammer as Fiyero in Wicked

London's current Fiyero, Brammer, particularly enjoys his entrance. "I like the courtyard scene where I sing 'Dancing Through Life'. Not just the song, more coming on and having some fun. I mix it up every night and find different members of the ensemble to mess with. It's great fun."

On favourite lines, there's a particular dramatic moment, which I won't spoil too much for people who haven't seen the show yet - although it's been in London for 13 years now, where have you been? - not long after Dorothy and her friends head off along the yellow brick road.

"That scene is also one of my favourite moments, when I get to say 'Let the green girl go' - which is a wonderful line! It's great. When we were rehearsing that scene, I got the entrance wrong so many times with all the things I have to juggle, but we got there in the end.

"For some reason, I also quite like the line 'I hear she has an extra eye that always remains awake' from "Thank Goodness" at the top of Act II. I don't know why I really like that line!"

Winnie Holzman's award-winning book and Stephen Schwartz' marvellous multi-dimensional lyrics fill Wicked with plenty of heartfelt and hilarious lines. The show continues to delight audiences around the world.

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Wicked is currently booking at the Apollo Victoria Theatre until 23 May, 2020

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Photo credit: Matt Crockett

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