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Review: Essential Theatre's DISSONANCE An Essential Conversation About What Divides Us

by Andrew White - June 02, 2023

The genius of “Dissonances” is the way that it reveals, and then gently dismantles, those walls we erect around ourselves, those unconscious fears that prevent us from really communicating and empathizing with people different from ourselves.  Both Duncan and Sandel create human beings we recognize ...


by Pamela Roberts - May 29, 2023

In Good Grief: Songs of the Moon and The Unbroken Circle creator Tariq Darrell O’Meally explores how we become more than what we’ve lost. His answer: we must grieve a person as much as we have loved them and balance loss with praise and celebration. The world premiere is the culmination of the 2022–...

Review: THE CRUCIBLE at Eisenhower Theater

by Mary Lincer - May 25, 2023

What did our critic think of THE CRUCIBLE at Eisenhower Theater? Choreographer Helen Pickett does in her ballet The Crucible just exactly what Arthur Miller attempted in his 1953 play, her source. Both try to make a new language to express the Salem witch trials of 1692 because those events were too...

Review: SWEENEY TODD at Signature Theatre

by Shelby Tyler - May 25, 2023

What did our critic think of SWEENEY TODD at Signature Theatre? Set in the dark streets of London in 1785, we follow barber Sweeney Todd (Nathaniel Stampley) as he returns from wrongful imprisonment by the horrifying Judge Turpin (John Leslie Wolf)....

Review: HURRICANE DIANE at Avant Bard Theatre

by Rachael F. Goldberg - May 24, 2023

'Hurricane Diane' is a fun and thought-provoking production, though you’ll certainly have more fun if you don’t think too hard about the technicalities of the show itself. There’s a lot to enjoy, and a good takeaway message, and, sometimes, that’s enough for an enjoyable theatrical experience....

Review: THE OREO COMPLEX at Nu Sass Productions

by Hannah R. Wing - May 23, 2023

Lillian Brown shares so much in such a short span of time. Don’t miss this opportunity to see such a powerful show in its limited run at Caos on F. ...

Review: EXCLUSION at Arena Stage

by Pamela Roberts - May 21, 2023

Exclusion, a thought-provoking and witty world premiere by Kenneth Lin at Arena Stage, explores the tug-of-war between what is true and what sells...

Review: IN THE HEIGHTS at NextStop Theatre Company

by Peter Rouleau - May 21, 2023

A touching and engaging portrait of an immigrant community confronting the struggles of daily life....

Review: GOOD BONES at Studio Theatre

by David Friscic - May 19, 2023

A solid, well-crafted, and thought-provoking play---Good Bones is about four individuals coping in various ways with issues of onrushing gentrification, loss of community, and reconnection. Playwright James Ijames has written an all too relevant story about what happens when a community and sense of...

Review: BEETLEJUICE at National Theatre

by Hannah R. Wing - May 18, 2023

Whether you are a fan of the movie, have seen the musical on Broadway, or even listened to the amazing cast recording, you'll lose your head over Beetlejuice....


Sondheim Tribute Revue in Washington, DC Sondheim Tribute Revue
Congregation Har Shalom (6/4 - 6/4) Tracker
Findind Neil Patrick Harris in Washington, DC Findind Neil Patrick Harris
Nu Sass Productions (4/14 - 6/9)
Something Rotten! in Washington, DC Something Rotten!
Bowie Playhouse (5/26 - 6/24)
Cyrano de Bergerac in Washington, DC Cyrano de Bergerac
Synetic Theater (7/14 - 8/13)
American Ballet Theatre | Giselle
Wolf Trap (7/27 - 7/28)
Rockville Little Theatre presents Communicating Doors in Washington, DC Rockville Little Theatre presents Communicating Doors
F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre (9/22 - 10/1)
Three by Yeats in Washington, DC Three by Yeats
Scena Theatre (5/11 - 6/4)
Dissonance in Washington, DC Dissonance
The Essential Theatre (5/30 - 6/11)

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