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Miss Nelson is Missing! show poster

Miss Nelson is Missing! at Imagination Stage

Dates: (6/20/2024 - 8/10/2024 )


Imagination Stage

Imagination Stage

4908 Auburn Ave
Bethesda,MD 20814

Phone: 3012801660

Tickets: $12 and up.

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The fifth graders of Smedley Elementary School’s Room 207 are not just badly behaved–they’re the “worst kids of all!” No matter what their sweet and caring teacher Miss Nelson tries, they simply won’t listen (or stop throwing paper airplanes across the room). Fed up with their behavior, Miss Nelson leaves her class in the hands of dreaded substitute teacher Miss Viola Swamp, infamous for bringing “woe to those who misbehave.” Terrified of “the Swamp,” the kids must work together and with Detective McSmogg to find their kindhearted teacher and win her back. Tuneful and hilarious, this Imagination Stage original has been a hit at theatres from coast to coast.

Imagination Stage Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Imagination Stage is at 4908 Auburn Ave, Bethesda, MD.

Imagination Stage was founded as BAPA (Bethesda Academy of Performing Arts) in 1979 in response to the urgent need for arts education for young people. The company was renamed Imagination Stage in 2001 in anticipation of its move to its downtown Bethesda theatre arts center in 2003. Imagination Stage has grown from a handful of children in a single classroom to a full-spectrum theatre arts organization, with theatre productions by professional actors and artists. Unlike most children’s theatre companies, Imagination Stage commissions new works for children every year. These productions have been recognized with awards and productions by other companies around the world.


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