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Hair: Let the Sunshine In Video

Hair: Let the Sunshine In on Video - 2007


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Since its overwhelming success on Broadway forty years ago, HAIR has inspired generations with its messages of love, non-violence and liberation. This definitive and entertaining documentary highlights the continuing relevance of the show and its still-radical, transformative power. A wealth of archival footage covers US and international productions and portrays an era, a generation and its politics. The efforts of author and co-creator Jim Rado to bring HAIR’s vibrant energy and fantastic score to life once again merges with historical interviews and new segments featuring Milos Forman, Keith Carradine, Ben Vereen, Tim Curry, Melba Moore, Tom O’Horgan, Michael Butler and others from the original productions. With the US again mired in a prolonged and unpopular war, HAIR: Let the Sun Shine In documents how a new generation is inspired by its cry for peace, love and change.

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Keith Carradine

James Rado

Michael Butler

Milos Forman

Gerome Ragni

Studio: Arte, Blinding Light Inc., Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA)

Filmed: 2007 - Released: 2007

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