Miss Saigon: You Haven't Seen "The Engineer" Until You've Seen This Blow-away Performance!

Miss Saigon: You Haven't Seen

"Show stopper" is one of those terms that can let us down, being so overused. That's why, when oh-so-deserving performances finally do come along (think both female leads in Toronto's return visit of "Wicked"), a reviewer's instinct is to find elaborate alternatives, often with mixed success.

The hell with that, I say: Leander Mendoza's powerhouse turn as "The Engineer" in City Centre Musical Productions' current and ambitiously-mounted run of "Miss Saigon" at Mississauga's Meadowvale Theatre is a showstopper of legendary proportions. If you think you've seen "Saigon" but haven't seen his "take no prisoners" performance, then you're missing out in ways you can't begin to imagine.

As I write this, there's still time for you to get your short-changed little tookis into one of this run's remaining seats and change all that. Merely a week from now will be too late.

We're talking Tier-1 delivery, my friends; the real deal; "Who-the=hell-is-Jonathan-Pryce?" territory. Solid, assured, intelligent, totally riveting; audience eating out of his hands. He simply has no business being this good and he could clearly care less about that. It's hell-for-leather time, folks, and you're either on board for the ride or he's tearing you along with it: resistance is futile.

This would be a rare event on any stage; but in this context, it's simply inexplicable. No wonder, then, that audiences confronted with its visceral immediacy and raw, relentless truth are responding with show-stopping acclaim to his every number.

It's a performance for the ages and his is a talent worthy of greatness. Do yourself a priceless favour: see them both together, here and now. At least then you can truly say you've seen "Saigon".
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