BWW Interviews: Dan Chameroy On Theatre20's 'COMPANY'

BWW Interviews: Dan Chameroy On Theatre20's 'COMPANY'

Yesterday, Theatre20 had their first preview performance of what is considered by many to be Stephen Sondheim's most iconic work, "COMPANY". Back when the company of "COMPANY" were just beginning rehearsals, BroadwayWorld's Alan Henry had a chance to speak to Dan Chameroy (Bobby) about this production.

Alan: First, congratulations on getting cast as Bobby! What made you want to be a part of this production in this role?

Dan: I am one of the founding artists of Theatre 20 and Company has been on our wish list to produce for many years. Any chance to play Bobby with Garry Griffin directing is reason enough for me.

Alan: In real life, you're nothing like Bobby. You're all settled down with a wife, and have a daughter! Can you relate to the character?

Dan: I am happily married and have been for many years but I'm an actor and it's my job to relate to the character. That being said, we all struggle in our quest to find someone to commit too. What are the sacrifices and the benefits of committing to someone else? Am I ready to lose a portion of my independence? Is this the person I want to spend the rest of my life with?

Alan: The work of Stephen Sondheim, while brilliant, isn't beloved by all. Why do you think some people have an aversion to his work, and why do you think other really enjoy it?

Dan: Not everyone likes Shakespeare. I can't tell you what other people think but audiences may find Sondheim's material not hummable enough. Some my want to have a "easy listening" night at the theatre but his musical genius insists you listen to the lyrics. His score compliments the emotional journey of the character. Our thoughts are ever changing that's why his notes rarely have a repetitive pattern. A Sondheim score is filled with those surprises. An audience will either embrace his style or not.

Alan: This will be the first Toronto production of company in almost 30 years! Why do you think it's time to bring this show back to the city?

Dan: Anytime you can bring a Sondheim show to Toronto is a good time. I'm not sure why it's taken nearly 30 years.

Alan: Bobby spends a lot of time alone with couple friends. Is this something you might consider trying out to prepare for the role?

Dan: I'm not planing to sequester myself to experience the depth of loneliness any time soon and I will continue to hang around couples as long as they want me around.

Alan: What excites you most about being in Theatre20's production of Company?

Dan: The fact that it's a show that we wanted to produce and we are accomplishing that is a huge thrill. The fact that we assembled this amazing group The material, our director and of course the ensemble.

Alan: Why should audiences come and see Company?

Dan: Sonheim & Furth, Griffin, Carver, Street, Sutcliffe, Pitre, Lillico, Keeley, Mclellan, Slean, Vardalos, Donato, Scott, Matheson and McIntire... It has been 30 years since it was last done in Toronto it may be another 30 before it returns. Need I say more?

Tickets to COMPANY are now on sale. For more information, visit

Photo: Riyad Mustapha

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