Review: WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE SEA at Signature Theatre
by Hannah R. Wing - May 31, 2024

Signature Theatre’s production, Where The Mountain Meets the Sea, is a touching narrative that explores the complex dynamics between a father and son, set to the soulful sounds of mountain music. You don’t want to miss out on this original musical, which will stay with you in your heart, even after you leave the theatre.

by Hannah R. Wing - April 22, 2024

On Saturday, April 20, 2024, PASO brought their program, Todo Tango, an intimate and fiery evening of tango to the Kennedy Center. 

Review: Mosaic Theater Company's World Premiere of Nancy
by Hannah R. Wing - April 4, 2024

Nancy is a compelling satirical play with themes which still resonate today as Indigenous communities in the U.S. (and around the world) fight to get their land back, advocate for environmental justice, and improve the lives of people within their communities.

Review: An Intimate Evening with David Foster and Katharine McPhee at the Kennedy Center
by Hannah R. Wing - February 27, 2024

Foster breaks out songs from his rolodex of hits and shares the stage with friends (and family) on the Kennedy Center stop of his tour of An Intimate Evening with David Foster and Katharine McPhee.

Review: PRETTY WOMAN The Musical at the National Theatre
by Hannah R. Wing - December 14, 2023

Pretty Woman: The Musical doesn’t live up to the award-winning romantic comedy that it is based on.

Review: POE'S LAST STANZA at Perry's in Odenton Is Full of Wit, Poetry and Humor
by Cybele Pomeroy - November 13, 2023

Here is wonderful dark magic at work. The wizarding workshop is Do Or Die Productions, its owner/ director/ writer, CJ Crowe, the magician, and her brainchild, POE'S LAST STANZA the spell. The magic of live theater, collective imagination, and audience-driven improvisation are the ingredients in Crowe’s bewitching brew.

by Hannah R. Wing - April 30, 2023

ExPats Theatre’s production of The Body of a Woman as a Battlefield, directed by Karin Rosnizeck, features two great actors, but stumbles with low production quality and a script which doesn’t do its characters justice. 

Review: KING LEAR at Shakespeare Theatre Company
by Hannah Wing - March 3, 2023

STC's King Lear is fresh and breathtaking, and even funny. Yes, there is even humor in the tragedy.

by Hannah Wing - February 12, 2023

What did our critic think of SEVEN METHODS OF KILLING KYLIE JENNER at Woolly Mammoth Theatre?

Review: CATS at National Theatre
by Hannah Wing - January 18, 2023

So, should you attend the Jellicle Ball? Absolutely. Cats is one of those musicals that will stay with you, whether you see it for the first time or twentieth time. think of CATS at National Theatre?

Review: THE BLUE MAN GROUP ON TOUR at The Kennedy Center
by Hannah Wing - July 24, 2022

Whether you have seen The Blue Man Group before or are going for the first time, you don’t want to miss out on this otherworldly experience. 

BWW Review: WHY I LIVE AT THE P.O., A New Opera by UrbanArias
by Hannah Wing - May 2, 2022

A 70-minute opera is a challenge, especially as it is based on source material that is also short. UrbanArias’ Why I Live at the P.O. isn’t the full package, but it delivers with its lively cast.

BWW Review: ONCE UPON A ONE MORE TIME at Shakespeare Theatre Company
by Hannah Wing - December 19, 2021

The Princess of Pop meets fairytale princesses in the world premiere of Once Upon a One More Time, at Shakespeare Theatre Company's Sidney Harman Hall.

BWW Review: CELIA AND FIDEL at Arena Stage
by Hannah Wing - October 16, 2021

Arena Stage’s production of Celia and Fidel, directed by Molly Smith, is a fast-paced drama set within Cuban politics during Castro’s dictatorship. 

by Hannah Wing - September 12, 2021

Roundabout Theatre Company’s production of Toni Stone at Arena Stage, directed by Pam MacKinnon, gives Toni (Santoya Fields) the power to tell her own story — the way she wants to tell it. 

BWW Review: TENDER AGE at Studio Theatre
by Hannah Wing - July 5, 2021

Studio Theatre wraps up their 2020-2021 virtual season with George Brant's Tender Age, directed by Henry Godinez.

BWW Review: MIDNIGHT AT THE NEVER GET at Signature Theatre
by Dara Homer - May 1, 2021

Midnight at The Never Get begins as a cabaret act that transforms into a love story and concludes as a meditation on the way we grieve our past selves. The entire show takes place in a 1960s nightclub where things are not quite as they seem: the star of the act, singer Trevor Copeland (Sam Bolen, who also co-conceived the show), has died, and he's chosen to spend his afterlife inside a cabaret of songs and stories. We are the audience to Trevor's memories as he takes us on a journey through a chapter of his past in which he performed in a nightclub routine with the love of his life, songwriter Arthur Brightman (Christian Douglas).

BWW Review: Cenicienta: A Bilingual Cinderella Story at the Kennedy Center
by Hannah Wing - March 14, 2021

Belinda lets her imagination take her away from her chores and into Cenicienta’s world. With its playful puppetry and poetic spark, Cenicienta is a perfect play for young children. 

BWW Review: SLEEP DEPRIVATION CHAMBER at Round House Theatre
by Hannah Wing - November 24, 2020

Round House Theatre’s “Sleep Deprivation Chamber,” directed by Raymond O. Campbell, is a tale of injustice, which echoes stories of police brutality in the news, wrapped in dreamy surrealism.

BWW Review: HE BROUGHT HER HEART BACK IN A BOX at Round House Theatre
by Hannah Wing - November 17, 2020

Round House Theatre’s production of “He Brought Her Heart Back in a Box” is a haunting portrait of segregated Georgia.

BWW Review: WILL ON THE HILL...OR WON'T THEY? at Shakespeare Theatre Company
by Hannah Wing - September 15, 2020

Will on the Hill...or Wona??t They? is almost like attending a lecture on Shakespeare by multiple enthusiast professors, but it leaves the audience with a major case of a?oeZoom fatigue.a?? 

BWW Interview: Rebecca Wahls, Rebecca Ballinger of REBECCA AND BECCA IN SPACE
by Hannah Wing - May 12, 2020

Movies and TV shows about space can be pretty serious, but DC area theatre artists Rebecca Wahls and Rebecca Ballinger (Becca) decided to take on the lighter side of space in their space-comedy web series, Rebecca and Becca in Space.

BWW Interview: Rebecca Wahls, Chelsea Radigan, Ruthie Rado of SPARK at Who What Where Theater Collective
by Hannah Wing - April 28, 2020

Who What Where and Ruthie are teaming up again for Spark, a romantic comedy about Scotti and June, who fall for each other at Club Spark, a seedy sex club. This time instead of a house, the stage is Zoom. Spark, directed by Chelsea Radigan, is a one-time virtual reading, which is going to be livestreamed on YouTube on April 30th. 

BWW News: Mission Partners Hosts Virtual Sunday Supper and a Show Benefitting The Theatre Lab
by Elliot Lanes - April 22, 2020

Mission Partners, a Bethesda based social impact communications firm, will host a Virtual Sunday Supper and a Show fundraiser to benefit The Theatre Lab on Sunday, April 26. Tickets are $15 and all proceeds will support The Theatre Lab -- Washington, D.C.'s largest and most comprehensive independent, nonprofit school for the dramatic arts.

BWW Review: NEXT TO NORMAL at Kennedy Center
by Elliot Lanes - February 2, 2020

Everyone once in a while a project is announced that basically sounds fool proof. The latest entry into Kennedy Center's Broadway Center Stage series Next to Normal is definitely one of those projects.

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