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BWW Review: DEATHTRAP at Plus Theater

by Jimin Lee - May 23, 2021

How far would you go for a great piece of writing? Choke someone to death? How about faking a murder that will bring casualties to your loved ones? Though it seems intense, Sidney Bruhl did one of these acts, for an entrancing piece of work. The charming yet dangerous play, DEATHTRAP had its first 2...

BWW Review: THE GREAT COMET at Universal Arts Center

by Jimin Lee - April 29, 2021

Actors holding various instruments made their way up to the seats, greeting the audience, waving hands. Soon, some of the violinists began to strike a note, with others dancing along. On stage, some were showing magic tricks to the audience members, receiving rounds of applause. Once, the lights dim...

BWW Review: INSIDE WILLIAM at Daehakro Art One Theater 1

by Jimin Lee - April 17, 2021

William Shakespeare and his works are no doubt, one of the most popular subject matter for numerous films, shows, and theatrical pieces. INSIDE WILLIAM takes a slightly different approach, by displaying a story of how his masterpieces were created. Come along as we follow Shakespeare’s writing journ...

BWW Review: WICKED at Bluesquare Shinhandcard Hall

by Jimin Lee - April 10, 2021

Rejoice fellow Ozians of South Korea, after 5 years, WICKED has once again come to us with a new production. Having this year’s production first show on February 12 at Bluesquare Shinhan Card Hall, this production is special in that not only will they be performing in Seoul, for the first time ever ...


Ballet Preljocaj Swan Lake
LG Arts Center (6/22 - 6/25)
Kammerorchester Wien-Berlin
LG Arts Center (6/29 - 6/29)
Army on the Tree
LG Arts Center (6/20 - 8/5)
The Screw Tape
LG Arts Center (4/29 - 6/10)

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