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The Guys - 2016 - Off-Broadway

THE GUYS is based on a true story about the aftereffects of the collapse of the World Trade Center. The play is set less than two weeks after the events of September 11, 2001 and explores the relationship between a writer and a fire captain who has lost most of his men from the attacks.

The play is also being produced to benefit the Lt. Joseph G. Leavey Foundation. Performances are given in memory of Lt. Joseph G. Leavey who lead his unit to the 78th floor of Tower Two of the World Trade Center, where they were the only complete unit to begin operations on a fire floor.


Davenport Theatre- Black Box

(New York, NY)
354 West 45th Street
by Sarah Jae Leiber - May 5, 2021
A concept album based on her forthcoming stage musical, it was created during the pandemic when production for the live show was abruptly put on hold.
by Alexa Criscitiello - May 3, 2021
Shane Peterman, Producing Artistic Director has announced details of the Company's 2021-2022 Season.  This season marks the 26th for WaterTower Theatre, and the third season programmed by Producing Artistic Director Shane Peterman & Associate Producer Elizabeth Kensek. 
by Alexa Criscitiello - May 28, 2021
After the previous season was cut short, the company is glad to pick back up and reopen its doors with a world premiere of a new musical!
by Alexa Criscitiello - May 27, 2021
The Doo Wop Project returns with two shows on Sunday, June 27 at 2pm and 5pm.  Seating will be socially distanced, outside at the tent next to The Playhouse. 
by Sarah Jae Leiber - May 26, 2021
Created and crafted with intent, Telescope is a concept album that presents a conscious shift from internal to external, and intended to be listened straight through. 
by Sarah Jae Leiber - May 26, 2021
With this video, Waterparks' play on the song's lyric 'No I'm not a stalker but I watch you while you're walkin',' featuring a giant eye that appears throughout the video, watching the guys. Viewers surely won't be able to take their eyes off of the 'Violet!' video, either.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - May 26, 2021
The album also embodies an opulent sound true to its scope. Co-produced by frontman A/J Jackson and Grammy Award-winner Mark Needham (The Killers, Dolly Parton, Chris Isaac), The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack continues the Saint Motel custom of joyfully blurring genres, bringing in elements of everything from symphonic pop to big band.
by Stephi Wild - May 25, 2021
The two series for next season will be “The Guys” by Anne Nelson, and “Heroes of the Fourth Turning” by Will Arbery.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - May 24, 2021
This time around, a bevy of legendary guests and high-profile friends join Maroon 5. The first release off of the album, “Beautiful Mistakes” features Megan Thee Stallion. blackbear joins the band on “Echo,” while the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Stevie Nicks teams up with the group for “Remedy.”
by Sarah Jae Leiber - May 24, 2021
Tournet continues, 'The record is about being jolted into seeing the world from a fresh perspective. It's also about how you can be doing endless self-analysis but that often the thing you're looking for lies outside of yourself.'
by Sarah Jae Leiber - May 20, 2021
The official film for Duran Duran's 'INVISIBLE' is the first collaboration of its kind, between artists in different planes of existence. In a ground-breaking, world first, Huxley is an A.I. whose 'mind' has been designed based on what we know about how the cognitive and emotional processes of human beings work.
by Stephen Mosher - May 19, 2021
After thirty-seven years together, Brad Hurtado and Sean Martin Hingston are finally building their dream house, and one little TikTok video gave them an international audience and a not-quite DIY show for 2021.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - May 17, 2021
On May 28th, Jamestown Revival’s newest project, an EP titled Fireside With Louis L’Amour, will forever immortalize the guys’ love for L’Amour’s storytelling in a six-song roundup of tunes directly inspired by his short stories.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - May 12, 2021
The video is the latest installment of Waterparks Wednesdays - where the guys debut a new release on Wednesdays leading up to the album. 'Just Kidding' is a stripped down, personal track that puts Awsten's bold vocals on display alongside a deftly-produced beat and very honest lyrics. 
by Sarah Jae Leiber - May 12, 2021
Created and crafted with intent, Telescope is a concept album that presents a conscious shift from internal to external, and intended to be listened straight through. Telescope is 9-songs deep that tunes-in the listener to the main character who goes through a journey of self-reflection.
by Alexa Criscitiello - May 12, 2021
A cappella megastars Straight No Chaser are getting back on the road for the first time in two years for the “Back in the High Life” tour. The band will perform at the Boch Center's Wang Theatre Sunday, December 5, 2021.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - May 11, 2021
Flaunt raves that La Femme is “one of our favorite bands in the world,” while Cool Hunting praises the title track’s “full of larger-than-life horns, celebratory melodies and an ear-worm chorus.” 
by TV Scoop - May 10, 2021
Find out what's happening on Coming Up on a New Episode of FAMILY GUY and if it's a new episode, airing on FOX on Sunday, May 16, 2021!
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Mar 5, 2021
Drury Lane Theatre has announced its 2021/2022 Season will begin in September 2021. Drury Lane’s 66th Season includes Evita, The King and I, Steel Magnolias, Forever Plaid, and Holiday Inn. Drury Lane Theatre’s season runs September 2021 – July 2022 at 100 Drury Lane in Oakbrook Terrace.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Mar 4, 2021
As The Frontmen, the three lead singers have performed together many times through the years. Restless Heart’s Larry Stewart is thrilled about hitting the road with McDonald and Rushlow, backed by a full band for the first time.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Mar 31, 2021
Waterparks never sit still. The Houston trio—Awsten Knight [vocals, guitar], Otto Wood [drums], and Geoff Wigington [guitar]—manically move forward, shucking and jiving between fits of rock, alternative, and electronic with pop ambition and hip-hop’s bold and blatant disregard for the rules. 
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Mar 25, 2021
With Conditioner McCluskey and Kirkbride truly encapsulate our past year’s experience, with enough joy and radiance to lead us back outside into the wide world with one another.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Mar 24, 2021
Lightning Rod Special is launching Sound Break, a new series of audio works made in LRS’s signature explosive style. These three brand-new audio shows to be released throughout 2021 are designed for at-home listening, available for free online to all listeners. Sound Break is theater when and where you want it.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Mar 22, 2021
The road to Fresh Out, the band’s forthcoming debut album, was long but ultimately it was a rewarding one. Its narrative stretches back to the mid-aughts, when frontman Chase Bader and Conor Kelly (electric guitar) met as classmates in fifth grade.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Mar 12, 2021
They’ve amassed a huge, dedicated audience, with 1 million views on average for their music videos, as well as partnering with GoNoodle and UNICEF to get Koo Koo dance videos onto the school screens of 30+ million kids.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Mar 12, 2021
The band streamed and recorded from the West End Sound studio which happens to be owned by Tom Tapley, who also produced V, the band’s last studio album.
by Stephen Mosher - Mar 12, 2021
In an in-depth interview with one of the industry's most fascinating women, Stephen Mosher covers the bases and the decades with Jamie deRoy
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Mar 11, 2021
“Curtis Mayfield was the guy that I always idolized,” says Holvay, who wrote his first song at the age of 12. “I always gravitated toward black music when I was a kid. My roots were always in black music.”
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Mar 11, 2021
Today North London breakout talent Molly Burman has shared her debut proper single, 'Fool Me With Flattery', an immediately melodic song that fleets between sharp, literate jangle-pop and the homespun, eclectic bedroom pop sound of the here and now.
by Stephi Wild - Mar 1, 2021
Following sold-out houses on London's West End, the Sydney Opera House, and prior to COVID a tour in the USA, Australia's hottest tap dance sensation, THE TAP PACK are bringing their high energy, tap comedy show to 24 venues across Queensland and New South Wales, kicking off with a season at QPAC in April!
by Stephi Wild - Jun 9, 2021
Today's top stories: Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jimmy Fallon perform a special tribute to Broadway, Taraji P. Henson cast as Miss Hannigan in NBC's Annie Live!, and more!
by Alexa Criscitiello - Jun 9, 2021
Wildly popular dancing champions MAKS & VAL, acclaimed brothers who shot to fame during 17 seasons of “Dancing With The Stars”, debut their innovative new touring show, “Stripped Down”, at Meymandi Concert Hall on Saturday, July 31.
by TV News Desk - Jun 8, 2021
The finish is completely dry with bright and refreshing acidity. Summer Daze Rosé is a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Müller-Thurgau, and Gewürztraminer, harvested 100% in the Willamette Valley between September 27-October 5, 2020. 
by TV News Desk - Jun 8, 2021
The upcoming dates mark Saint Motel’s first live shows since their sold-out U.S. tour wrapped in March of 2020. Pre-sale tickets for all dates will be available beginning tomorrow, and general on sale begins this Friday, June 11 at 10:00am local time.
by Alexa Criscitiello - Jun 8, 2021
Tonight the spirit of Broadway as we know it reawakened with a little help from the great Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Jun 7, 2021
Formed by Mike Wiebe and Rob Marchant of the Riverboat Gamblers and Zach Blair of Rise Against, Drakulas support the first leg of the tour. LA based psychedelic rockers Frankie and the Witch Fingers support West Coast dates, while 90’s cowpunks Nashville Pussy support the tour’s last leg.
by Jim Munson - Jun 3, 2021
After the myriad stresses of the past year, we could all use some straight-up entertainment and 42nd Street Moon is providing just that with Don’t Touch That Dial: DC and Peter’s Glorious Romp Through the Golden Age of TV Theme Songs. Conceived and directed by DC Scarpelli and Peter Budinger, the show promises, a light-hearted, celebratory stroll down memory lane as Scarpelli and Budinger guide us through the decades of catchy sitcom themes and the evolution of television. The large, diverse cast also includes Moon stalwarts like Meg McKay and Keith Pinto among a host of multi-talented performers who may be new to you. Don’t Touch That Dial is available to stream from June 5 – 27, 2021 as part of 42nd Street Moon’s paid virtual ticketed MoonBeams series. Tickets and further information are available at ​​​​​​​I had the pleasure of speaking with Budinger and Scarpelli last week as they were still putting the finishing touches on the video presentation. As Scarpelli says, “We’re not satisfied with any musical number until it’s utterly dripping with charm and delight.” If you ever run into them at a party, these are definitely the guys you want to talk to as they are both a barrel of fun and an endless font of information about classic TV and musical theater. A married couple, the two have been working together for years as well as performing individually, and their combined theater credits read like a recent history of Bay Area musical theater. The freewheeling conversation covered how they conceived the show and put it together, which obscure songs didn’t make the final cut, and shows they’d love for Moon to mount in the future.
by TV News Desk - Jun 10, 2021
He added guitar to his repertoire with a bit of help from his cousin, a gifted Chet Atkins style player, who taught him the Nashville number system of writing out chord charts. 
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Feb 24, 2021
'We're very excited to partner with Food Network for this special project,” said the Try Guys. “Working with the most iconic brand in the food space is a dream come true, and we know our fans are going to love it.'
by Alexa Criscitiello - Feb 18, 2021
On October 16th, 2020, they released their debut single 'Anything,' and without a press campaign, it has since amassed over 50k streams on Spotify. 'Anything'.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Feb 16, 2021
With choruses led by Rob Will on singing duties, Mic Apollo and Sir Blaze (who dons a chef’s hat while cooking up in the kitchen) both supply smooth verses for what is the ultimate Valentine’s Day slow jam.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Feb 10, 2021
Combining carefree vocals, warm instrumentation and the most infectious of basslines, ‘Slow Down’ is a fresh, feel good nu-disco / house jam that’s been crafted for an eternal summer. The track will feature on their forthcoming self-titled debut album, out April 9 on Foreign Family Collective.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Apr 9, 2021
For this project, Nettles teamed up with GRAMMY® and Tony® Award-winning orchestrator Alex Lacamoire, best known for his work on Broadway’s critically acclaimed shows Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, and In the Heights.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Apr 9, 2021
Heartfelt Pop artist Kory Shore has teamed up with beloved Hip Hop artist danny G in their catchy and all too relatable single 'IDKAT'. The Nashville duo each stumble through new love interests who change their views on romance.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Apr 7, 2021
Chicago’s Action/Adventure is the pop-punk band you didn’t know you needed. The dynamic five-piece are all multi-instrumentalists who have been playing together for nearly a decade.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Apr 6, 2021
Gjenny Records is proud to announce their first signee, Sam Filiatreau, a rising songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky, who blends the lyricism of ‘70s vinyl with the acoustic feel of Appalachian folk music.
by Alexa Criscitiello - Apr 30, 2021
Marking their second release of the month, Minus Gravity return with new single 'Yea Yea Yea', out April 30.
by Alexa Criscitiello - Apr 23, 2021
Cast members from Hamilton are jumping on the sea shanty bandwagon with a mashup of songs from the show!
by Alexa Criscitiello - Apr 14, 2021
Desert Stages Theatre presents the adult play, “The Odd Couple” at Scottsdale Fashion Square. The original Broadway show opened in 1965 and was made into a film in 1968 and several television sitcoms, including a cartoon, in the 1970s and '80s.
by Stephi Wild - Apr 13, 2021
South Street Seaport Museum expands its virtual sea chantey programming with the third installment of the Sea Songs and Sea Lives webinar series This Is Women's Work: Maritime Lives.