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EDINBURGH 2021: BWW Review: SILENT, Dance Base


EDINBURGH 2021: BWW Review: SILENT, Dance Base

EDINBURGH 2021: BWW Review: SILENT, Dance Base EDINBURGH 2021: BWW Review: SILENT, Dance Base

Presented by Fishamble and Dance Base, Silent is the story of homeless man Tino McGoldrig. Written and performed by Pat Kinevane, the story is performed as a monologue and dance piece.

It's a bleak tale and the stage setting is dark to give room to Kinevane's captivating performance. The story begins with McGoldrig's brother. A gay man in Ireland, he was driven to suicide over his sexuality. McGoldrig goes through the complex emotions that come from losing his brother and the way his life and death were handled by the church and the community.

Silent is an intense and gripping piece of theatre- you can't take your eyes off of Kinevane. The story is sad, McGoldrig's life unravels and he loses everything he had. It's a compelling and emotive tale made all the richer for the way it is told.

The writing is exceptional and explores how difficult it is for some men to be able to talk about their feelings, instead covering them up with alcohol. McGoldrig had a good life and he is telling his story now from underneath a blanket on the streets of Dublin.

Silent is the story of how one man "got this way" and it urges audiences to think beyond first appearances and shows how easily you can lose everything.

Silent is available on demand from 22 August.

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