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Stage Russia HD Presents LOVE AND INTRIGUE (KILL) Free Online Streaming Premiere

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Stage Russia HD Presents LOVE AND INTRIGUE (KILL) Free Online Streaming Premiere

A special one day only streaming of Timofey Kulyabin's multi-award nominated production of Frederich Schiller's "Love and Intrigue" has been announced by Stage Russia HD.

The event, to take place on May 23rd at 2 PM (EDT) and which will run through May 24th 2 PM (EDT), is a filmed version of the performance, captured before a live audience at the Red Torch Theatre in Novosibirsk. It will be presented in cinemas across the globe as part of Stage Russia's 5th Season.

"We want to offer a sneak peak, a small gift for all theatre fans," says Eddie Aronoff, managing director of Stage Russia. "Timofey is an internationally revered stage director and the hope is to reach as wide an audience as possible, which is why we are providing free access. Eventually, when our cinema partners are permitted to reopen, we'll release it on the big screen."

The play, titled KILL (a Latin lettered acronym of the Cyrillic KИЛ formed from the Russian title Коварство И Любовь) is a reimagined version of Frederich Schiller's "Love and Intrigue". Kulyabin has moved it from what was a melodramatic tale into an exploration of hidden undeclared feelings which the director plumbs with subtle shifts in set design, music, lighting and hushed murmured prayers.

"The characters discuss love in dispassionate, quiet voices, remembering that declarations of love are indecent," noted the Russia newspaper Vedomosti. "Kill", then, is not so much about the murder of Louise, but about the murder of love, and therefore of God himself, who is love."

The production earned 5 Golden Mask nominations, including Best Play, Best Director and Best Set Design. For Stage Russia, it represents one of four collaborations with Kulyabin. Others, such as his remarkable sign language production of The Three Sisters and his mesmerizing take on Alexander Pushkin's Eugene Onegin, are available for rent or purchase on the Stage Russia video on demand platform.

For free access to Love and Intrigue (KILL), you can visit

For more information on the Stage Russia project and all its current streaming options, you can visit


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