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BWW Blog: You Want Broadway Quizzes? I Have Broadway Quizzes!

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I love quizzes! Ever since the quarantine I've spent countless minutes just mindlessly relaxing by taking them, but it sucks that there aren't that many quizzes related to Broadway. I gathered 32 quizzes related to theatre, each of them tested to see not only are they fun but relatively unique to each other. Also, most of these websites provide some way for you to easily make your own. If you finish all of them and are still bored, or none of them have an obscure enough musical or play as an answer, then you can make it!

Personality Quizzes


What Popular Musical Are You?

What Song from Hedwig and the Angry Inch best fits you?

What Musical Are You?

What Broadway Character Are You?


What Musical Theatre Character Are You Becoming in the Quarantine?

Which Hadestown Character Are You Most Like?

What Disney Stage Musical Are You?

Which Showtune Best Describes You?

What Era of Broadway Should You Live in?


Which Beetlejuice Character Are You?

Which Broadway Mom Are You?

Build a Broadway Family to Find Out What Musical You Should Watch


Pick Some Songs and Find Out How Far You'll Make it On Broadway

Pick Some Food and Find Out Which Broadway Lead Role You Are

Make A Musical and Fine Out Which Role You Are

Plan A NYC Vacation and Find Out Which Broadway Show You Should See

Plan Another NYC Vacation to Find A Broadway Show to See

Eat At the Minnesota State Fair and Find Out Which Broadway Show You Are


Spark Notes - Which Shakespeare Archetype Are You?



How Well Do You Know Your Broadway History?

How Well Do You Know Offstage Theatre Jobs?

How Many Broadway Holiday Moments Can You Recognize?

How Well Do You Know Julie Andrews?

How Much Do You Know about the Puppets of Broadway?


If You Get 13/18 On This Quiz You're A Theatre Kid At Heart

Which of These Celebrities Have Been On Broadway?

Sorry, You'll Only Pass This Quiz if You're A Musical Theatre Kid


Can You Guess These Musicals Described by Emojis?

Test Your Broadway Knowledge of the 2010s

Test Your Tony Knowledge

How Well Do You Know Your Theatre Terms?

Finish the Lyrics!

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