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Student Blog: Maintaining Academic Integrity

Student Blog: Maintaining Academic Integrity

A reminder to practice academic integrity this semester

Academic integrity is the unspoken moral code of academics. It's the idea that your teachers, peers, mentors, expect you to do your work from a place of honesty and fairness. To me, academic integrity means taking responsibility for your academic work.

When it comes to school, assignments and expectations can be incredibly stressful. If the work is difficult, a simple solution is not to skip out on it or copy someone else's work. I maintain academic integrity by doing my work and letting my professors know when I need a step back.

Though it's just January and many of us may feel relaxed at the start of the semester, I guarantee that is not always the case. Keep your head on, do your work, and ask for help when you need it.

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From This Author - Student Blogger: Katelyn Kruszewski

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