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Student Blogger: Katelyn Kruszewski


Student Blog: Sight Reading with a Time Crunch
March 22, 2023

Someone may not be able to do their part and you may need to step in. That is the joy and horror of live productions. This happened during my last jazz performance, one of our altos couldn’t make it to the concert and I had to learn their part. Here's my guide to making sight reading a little less scary.

Student Blog: How to Get Through the Semester
March 22, 2023

As I near the end of the semester and quickly approach my last semester at Pitt, I’m reflecting on my experiences and the tools that have helped me to get through college. It certainly hasn’t been the easiest experience given the global pandemic thing, but I think it has definitely made me a better person.

Student Blog: Learning How To Improv Jazz
February 20, 2023

Jazz Improvisation has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve never felt incredibly comfortable scatting, but it’s something I hope to improve throughout the semester for performances and my own musical development.

Student Blog: How to Build Courage Before Open Mic Nights
February 20, 2023

Open Mic Nights are the perfect way to gain some live performance experience without too much pressure. To participate in the fun, I try to do a few songs in every set, but it takes a few steps. Here are a few ways I try to combat stage fright at an open mic.

Student Blog: A Day in the Life Of A Music Student
January 17, 2023

Music students have a busy schedule. Between double majors, classes, friendships, and practices, it can be crazy. Here’s my day in the life of a music student, my typical Monday.

Student Blog: Maintaining Academic Integrity
January 17, 2023

Academic integrity is the unspoken moral code of academics. It’s the idea that your teachers, peers, mentors, expect you to do your work from a place of honesty and fairness. To me, academic integrity means taking responsibility for your academic work.

Student Blog: Returning to Live Performance
December 24, 2022

This year I participated in an end-of-the-year final concert for my vocal teacher. The performance took place at the HardRock cafe in Pittsburgh where I sang a few musical theater pieces. Live performance returns once again and so do the on-stage jitters.

Student Blog: 45 Hours in Costume Shop
November 12, 2022

My first day in the Costume Shop was a frustrating one. A required course for all Theatre Arts minors, Theatrical Production is a class in which students are tasked with working in a specific division of the Mainstage production process behind the scenes.

Student Blog: Navigating November Concert Season
November 12, 2022

When I feel that things are getting too busy or out of control, I find it necessary to do what everyone thinks you shouldn't: I take a break.

Student Blog: Shall We Dance? Learning How To Dance Again Post-Lockdown
October 17, 2022

After working for years on dance, I was worried I would forget everything I ever learned after entering college. COVID-19 made it harder to get out and I was terrified my body wouldn’t remember the steps. I started practicing pirouettes on the smooth floor of my garage and stretching daily. Dancing in front of a screen was far different from a live studio.

Student Blog: Back in the 'Burgh
October 17, 2022

Entering into junior year at university presents most students with a lot of questions. However, one stands at the front: what will you do? Graduating a semester earlier, the theme seems amplified for me.