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Who Played Hamlet in Hamlet

Edwin Booth Broadway1864
Edwin Booth Broadway1870
E. H. Sothern Broadway1900
Sarah Bernhardt Broadway1900
E. H. Sothern Broadway1902
E. H. Sothern Broadway1903
Edmund Russell Broadway1903
E. H. Sothern Broadway1904
Johnston Forbes-Robertson Broadway1904
Aldora Shem Broadway1905
Johnston Forbes-Robertson Broadway1905
Robert B. Mantell Broadway1905
E. H. Sothern Broadway1907
E. H. Sothern Broadway1908
E. H. Sothern Broadway1909
Robert B. Mantell Broadway1909
Ian Maclaren Broadway1912
E. H. Sothern Broadway1913
John E. Kellerd Broadway1913
Robert B. Mantell Broadway1915
Robert B. Mantell Broadway1917
Walter Hampden Broadway1918
E. H. Sothern Broadway1919
John Barrymore Broadway1922
John Barrymore Broadway1923
Basil Sydney Broadway1925
Walter Hampden Broadway1925
Fritz Leiber Broadway1930
Raymond Massey Broadway1931
Walter Hampden Broadway1934
John Gielgud Broadway1936
Leslie Howard Broadway1936
Maurice Evans Broadway1938
Maurice Evans Broadway1939
Maurice Evans Broadway1945
Maurice Evans Broadway1946
Donald Wolfit Broadway1947
Jean-Louis Barrault Broadway1952
John Neville Broadway1958
Richard Burton Broadway1964
Robert Burr Broadway1964
Clive Graham Broadway1969
Ellis Rabb Broadway1969
Nicol Williamson Broadway1969
John Heard Broadway1975
Sam Waterston Broadway1975
Michael Galardi Broadway1992
Stephen Lang Broadway1992
Ralph Fiennes Broadway1995
Rupert Penry-Jones Broadway1995
Jude Law Broadway2009
Matt Ryan Broadway2009
Eric Tucker Off-Broadway2013
Cush Jumbo West End2020
Ruth Negga Off-Broadway2020