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Who Played Polonius in Hamlet

G. H. Andrews Broadway1864
Edwin Varrey Broadway1900
Edwin Varrey Broadway1902
Edwin Varrey Broadway1903
Guy Lane Broadway1904
W.H. Crompton Broadway1904
Giles Shine Broadway1905
Samuel K. Chester Broadway1905
St. Clair Bayfield Broadway1912
Elwyn Eaton Broadway1913
Lark Taylor Broadway1913
Frank Peters Broadway1915
Frank Peters Broadway1917
Albert Bruning Broadway1918
Frank Peters Broadway1919
John S. O'Brien Broadway1922
Moffat Johnston Broadway1923
Albert Bruning Broadway1925
Ernest Lawford Broadway1925
Philip Quin Broadway1930
John Daly Murphy Broadway1931
P. J. Kelly Broadway1934
Arthur Byron Broadway1936
Aubrey Mather Broadway1936
George Graham Broadway1938
Raymond Johnson Broadway1938
Raymond Johnson Broadway1939
Thomas Chalmers Broadway1945
Harry Sheppard Broadway1946
Eric Maxon Broadway1947
Pierre Bertin Broadway1952
Joseph O'Conor Broadway1958
Hume Cronyn Broadway1964
Philip Coolidge Broadway1964
Ben Aris Broadway1969
Mark Dignam Broadway1969
Richard Woods Broadway1969
James Gallery Broadway1975
Larry Gates Broadway1975
James Cromwell Broadway1992
John Newton Broadway1992
Gordon Langford-Rowe Broadway1995
Peter Eyre Broadway1995
Ian Drysdale Broadway2009
Ron Cook Broadway2009
Edmund Lewis Off-Broadway2013