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Who Played Laertes in Hamlet

J. G Hanley Broadway1864
Vincent Sternroyd Broadway1900
Sydney Mather Broadway1902
Guy Bates Post Broadway1903
Sydney Mather Broadway1903
Leon Quartermaine Broadway1904
Sydney Mather Broadway1904
Frank Gilmore Broadway1905
Harry Leighton Broadway1905
Herschel Mayall Broadway1912
Frederick Lewis Broadway1913
Henry Fearing Broadway1913
Fritz Leiber Broadway1915
Fritz Leiber Broadway1917
Charles Webster Broadway1918
Henry Stanford Broadway1919
Sydney Mather Broadway1922
Sydney Mather Broadway1923
Ernest Rowan Broadway1925
Stafford Dickens Broadway1925
Lawrence H. Cecil Broadway1930
Colin Keith-Johnston Broadway1931
John Davenport Seymour Broadway1934
Clifford Evans Broadway1936
John Emery Broadway1936
William Roehrick Broadway1936
Sydney Smith Broadway1938
Sydney Smith Broadway1939
Emmett Rogers Broadway1945
Emmett Rogers Broadway1946
Kempster Barnes Broadway1947
Jean-Claude Michel Broadway1952
John Humphry Broadway1958
John Cullum Broadway1964
Richard Sterne Broadway1964
Jason Twelvetrees Broadway1969
Michael Durrell Broadway1969
Michael Pennington Broadway1969
Bruce McGill Broadway1975
James Sutorius Broadway1975
Bill Campbell Broadway1992
David Comstock Broadway1992
Damian Lewis Broadway1995
James Wallace Broadway1995
Gwilym Lee Broadway2009
Ross Armstrong Broadway2009
Edmund Lewis Off-Broadway2013