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Who Played Claudius in Hamlet

S. K. Chester Broadway1864
Arthur R. Lawrence Broadway1900
Stephen Wright Broadway1902
Stephen Wright Broadway1903
William Hazeltine Broadway1903
Ian Robertson Broadway1904
Ian Robertson Broadway1905
John Malone Broadway1905
Gordon Burby Broadway1913
J. Sayre Crawley Broadway1913
John Burke Broadway1915
John Burke Broadway1917
Charles A. Stevenson Broadway1918
Henry Herbert Broadway1918
E. L. Granville Broadway1919
Tyrone Power, Sr. Broadway1922
Kenneth Hunter Broadway1923
Charles Waldron Broadway1925
Kenneth Hunter Broadway1925
William Courtleigh Broadway1930
David Horne Broadway1931
Ernest Rowan Broadway1934
Malcolm Keen Broadway1936
Wilfrid Walter Broadway1936
Henry Edwards Broadway1938
Henry Edwards Broadway1939
Thomas Gomez Broadway1945
Thomas Gomez Broadway1946
Alexander Gauge Broadway1947
Jacques Dacqmine Broadway1952
Oliver Neville Broadway1958
Alfred Drake Broadway1964
Barnard Hughes Broadway1964
John Trenaman Broadway1969
Patrick Wymark Broadway1969
Richard Easton Broadway1969
Charles Cioffi Broadway1975
James Hurdle Broadway1975
Michael Cristofer Broadway1992
Gilly Gilchrist Broadway1995
James Laurenson Broadway1995
Ian Drysdale Broadway2009
Kevin R. McNally Broadway2009
Tom O'Keefe Off-Broadway2013