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Plays Announced For 30th Anniversary At Seattle Shakespeare

Seattle Shakespeare Company unveiled its 2020-2021 season containing several artist-initiated projects around the theme of a?oeFamily Trust.a?? Highlights include a comedy by a Shakespeare contemporary, the return of upstart crow collective to the Seattle Shakespeare stage, a 20th Century American classic, and the beloved bickering of Beatrice and Benedick.
OSF Announces Casting For 2020 Season

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which is entering its 85th year, today announced the casts for the 2020 season, featuring some of the most beloved performers from OSF's history alongside newcomers from around the country. OSF is one of the most prominent theatre companies across the nation that have joined the Jubilee, a yearlong nationwide commitment by theatres to feature work generated by those who have traditionally been excluded from or marginalized by the theatre industry. Five Shakespeare plays staged as four productions, alongside two new plays inspired by him, take the Festival's stages in 2020. Two more commissions from OSF's multi-decade commissioning program American Revolutions: the United States History Cycle will also premiere.
BWW Review: THE CALL at Seattle Public Theater Should Pick a Story and Stick with It

Dear Readers, you know when you leave a play and you just feel unsatisfied? Maybe the performances weren't up to snuff or the direction faltered, but you have trouble putting your finger on why you feel this way. Such was my experience last night at Seattle Public Theater's Northwest Premiere of Tanya Barfield's "The Call". I walked to my car wondering why this hadn't hit me harder. The performers were all top notch and the direction from Annie Lareau was lively and flowed beautifully. And then it hit me, Ms. Barfield was simply trying to tell me too many stories and with so many flying about, none of them quite stuck the landing.
BWW Review: ARMS & THE MAN at Seattle Shakespeare

Seattle Shakespeare's ARMS & THE MAN visits the past and finds the present. With wit, humor, and richness of production, the show presents a classic tale of a chance encounter that changes everything. From the pithy dialogue to the talented cast, Seattle Shakespeare has chosen well for its second show of the season.
Shaw's Sharp Look At Love And War -- ARMS AND THE MAN Begins Next Month

George Bernard Shaw's recipe for fun mixes smarts with silliness and adds just a dash of morality. Arms and the Man takes center stage at Seattle Shakespeare Company helmed by David Armstrong, former artistic director of the 5th Avenue Theatre. Arms and the Man previews October 23-25, opens October 26 and runs through November 18 at the Center Theatre at the Seattle Center.
The Gypsy Rose Lee Awards Announce 2017 Winners

The winners of the 2017 Gypsy Rose Lee Awards are announced by the Seattle critics circle, Seattle Theater Writers!
Announcing The Nominees For The 2017 GYPSY ROSE LEE AWARDS By The Seattle Theater Writers

Seattle's critics announce the Nominees of Excellence in Seattle theatrical productions. Spanning dozens of theater companies and productions, from large and prominent to small and humble, the Gypsy Rose Lee Awards honor the excellence found in as much professional theater as we reviewers can attend in a year. Named in honor of the famed theater entrepreneur and Seattle native, Gypsy Rose Lee, and in a nod to the vast numbers or theater practitioners forced to travel the country to earn their living, the Gypsys seek to acknowledge the excellence of the Seattle theater community.
New Century Theatre Company Announces Closure

After 10 years of producing bold, honest, groundbreaking theater, Seattle's award-winning New Century Theatre Company (NCTC) is closing its doors at the end of 2017.
BWW Review: The Williams Project's BLUES FOR MISTER CHARLIE a Masterpiece

Stop reading and find time in your schedule for this ridiculously good play at This show has a short run, and it's pay what you can, so there's no reason why one should not see this play.
New Century Theatre Company Takes on New Directions

After 10 years of producing award-winning productions and helping to change the face of mid-level professional theatre in Seattle, New Century Theatre Company (NCTC) is excited to share several new developments in its future.
BWW Review: New Century's THE REALISTIC JONESES is Clever but Unsatisfying

Give me a good old fashioned play with a good old fashioned structure; a beginning, a middle and an end. Or if not, if you insist on a slice of life play, at least have something interesting to say about said life. Instead, what Will Eno's play, "The Realistic Jones", the current offering from New Century Theatre Company, gives us is an hour and 40 minutes of somewhat clever dialog from some stuck, sad people that I wouldn't want to spend 5 minutes with let alone an entire play.
New Century Theatre Company to Stage THE REALISTIC JONESES This Summer

New Century Theatre Company (NCTC) ends its 2017 10th Anniversary Season with Will Eno's The Realistic Joneses.
Photo Flash: BRING DOWN THE HOUSE at Seattle Shakespeare Company

From chaos springs opportunity. No one knows this better than the scheming noble families in the houses of York and Lancaster. The power struggle for the crown of England thunders onstage with an all-female ensemble. From battlefield betrayals to court deceptions, the collapse of a kingdom gets re-imagined in this epic premiere adaptation of Shakespeare's Henry VI trilogy.
BWW Review: Sweet Yet Powerful WINTER'S TALE from Seattle Shakes

There are some productions of Shakespeare which need all the flashy costumes and sets and transplanting to non-traditional times and places in order to make the show shine. And then there are productions like the outstanding production of "The Winter's Tale" currently being offered from Seattle Shakespeare Company where they've assembled such a talented cast and crew, innately fluent with the meaning of the show, who only require a few chairs and platforms and where the flash would just get in the way. It's those shows that remind us why we love theater when a group of actors can mesmerize us with their words.
Photo Flash: Seattle Shakespeare Presents A WINTER'S TALE

Two generations overcome past wrongs and misjudgments in this exotic and magical saga. Obsessive King Leontes accuses his queen, Hermione, of having an affair and sentences her to a trial. Meanwhile their infant daughter gets spirited away to a distant shore. Sixteen years later, through fate and love, the young woman discovers her true heritage and reunites her family.
Seattle Shakespeare Co. Presents THE WINTER'S TALE

 It's a fantastical, fairytale-like story with lost princesses, sea journeys, rascally tricksters, and a magical moment that reconciles a family. Seattle Shakespeare Company will present The Winter's Tale at the Leo K. Theatre. Sheila Daniels directs Shakespeare's enchanting intergenerational saga September 7 through October 2.  
NCTC Stages Aaron Posner's MY NAME IS ASHER LEV, Beginning Today

New Century Theatre Company (NCTC) opens its 2016 season at 12th Avenue Arts with NY NAME IS ASHER LEV today, April 20. The production runs through May 21, Thursdays at 7:30pm, Fridays-Saturdays at 8pm, and Sundays at 4pm.
NCTC to Present Aaron Posner's MY NAME IS ASHER LEV

New Century Theatre Company (NCTC) will open its 2016 season at 12th Avenue Arts with NY NAME IS ASHER LEV, running April 20-May 21.
BWW Review: Theatrical CRIMES OF THE HEART-less at Village Theatre

In Beth Henley's play "Crimes of the Heart", currently playing at Village Theatre, the character of Meg says, "To talk about our lives. It's an important human need." Well an important theatrical need is for the characters in a play to listen to each other and not just wait for their next bit but there was very little listening going on in the show I saw last night and that was just one of the issues that sapped the heart right out the show making this Pulitzer Prize winning play feel more a sitcom.
The Fifth Annual Gypsy Rose Lee Awards Winners Are Announced - COME FROM AWAY, LIZARD BOY and More!

Broadway-bound new musical, Come From Away, presented by Seattle Repertory Theatre, wins four Gypsys, tying with another new musical, Lizard Boy, also produced by Seattle Repertory Theatreand also with four Gypsys, a company that has been known for years as a powerhouse dramatic straight-play playhouse! 

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