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Lookingglass Theatre Announces Fall Classes for Adults and Youth

Classes begin in October!

Lookingglass Theatre Announces Fall Classes for Adults and Youth

Lookingglass Theatre Company announces gglassclasses online, where adults and youth will learn from experienced Lookingglass Ensemble Members and Teaching Artists. Lookingglass is committed to continuing to engage, inviting people to keep curious, to imagine, and to play while at home. Registration and additional information is now available at

Lookingglass offers a free glimpse of the online classes with fifteen-minute workshops on the Lookingglass YouTube page. Free workshops include Audition Advice, Physical Comedy, Creating Character through Improv, Devised Painting, Circus Strength and more!


school? Primary? Middle? High? Yeah, this is nothing like that. Education isn't a conveyer belt; it's the child of curiosity. And curiosity isn't exclusive to children (or cats). So come on, you grown-up, you! Find out more about who you/we really are by engaging with the Lookingglass in a series of courses designed for adults, and led by some of the most accomplished, inspiring artists our city has to offer.

For more information or to register for adult classes, visit

1, 2, 3, Painting!

Build a watercolor painting in six sessions. 1. Start with a concept and image research. 2. Compose through sketching and lay down lines. 3. Water! Color! Ta-da! It's 1, 2, 3, Painting with multi-disciplinary artist and Lookingglass secret weapon Sully Ratke!

Instructor: Artistic Associate Sully Ratke

Dates: October 11, 18, 25, November 1, 8, 15

Days: Sundays 11-1

Tuition: $200

Alice in Zoomland

OK! The quick version. I saw a rabbit. I chased it. I fell down a hole into Zoomland where nationally renowned auteur and Lookingglass Ensemble Member David Catlin showed me how to tell my own story about cats, teacups, hats, and (yaaas!) Queens using collaborative creation and ensemble aesthetics. Then, I woke up where I first fell, with new and lasting power. **** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - Head Critic, Alice/Alix/Alejandra/Ali

Instructor: Ensemble Member David Catlin

Dates: October 7, 14, 21, 28, November 4, 11, 18

Days: Wednesdays 7-9PM

Tuition: $200

Dance Magic, Dance!

Be it Bowie, Bee Gees, Prince, or Earth, Wind & Fire, the sweat shall flow. Mover, shaker, and Lookingglass Ensemble Member Kasey Foster will make certain that sheen looks good on you for the next time the post-pandemic parquet's laid down at a wedding...or a quinceañera...or when you chaperone prom...or you're cooking (yes, we know you do this...though not always on parquet)!

Instructor: Ensemble Member Kasey Foster

Dates: October 6, 13, 20, 27, November 3, 10, 17

Days: Tuesdays 7-8PM

Tuition: $100

Makeup a Character

Who's that in the mirror there? Same "who" you always see...right?

Well, Lookingglass artist Sully Ratke sees a universe of secret characters yearning for release. Discover your own, and you'll tweak your features into new faces, break your nose and bust a lip in the name of drama, and join the undead with some Tricks and Treats. But feel no fear. We'll make it up as we go along!

Instructor: Artistic Associate Sully Ratke

Dates: October 10, 17, 24, 31, Nov 7, 14

Days: Saturdays 10AM-12PM

Tuition: $200

Playing With Plays With Music

Whether a full-blown musical or a richly-scored pantomime; whether a fresh new play or an adaptation; whether the seed of an idea or a few excerpts from a full score and libretto; whether working alone or keeping company...these sessions will help you take your piece to the next level. Composer and sound designer Andre Pluess, and playwright and director Andrew White (creators of Lookingglass's Eastland: A New Musical) invite you to a playdate with plays with music. Push play; let's go!

Instructors: Ensemble Members Andre Pluess and Andy White

Dates: October 19, 26, November 9, November 16

Days: Mondays 7:30-9 pm

Tuition: $100

Puppetry in Practice

Let's put puppetry into practice! Practice technique. Practice style application, Practice building. And practice some dang puppet shows together! Multi-talented performer and brilliant puppeteer Kasey Foster (Ensemble Member too!) leads the Practice.

Instructor: Ensemble Member Kasey Foster

Dates: October 5, 12, 19, 26

Days: Mondays 7-8PM

Tuition: $70

Turning the Tables: Audition Workshop

"Can I use this chair?" Has the answer ever been "no?" Skip the ask and seize the room! According to longtime actor, savvy producer, and Lookingglass Casting Director (for 20+ years), Phil Smith, "Auditions are for actors; not acting." Circle up, then, and let's examine that and how it applies to each part of your audition experience. Every 90-minute session will start with PSmith's perspective, proceed to monologue/scene coaching, and wind up with team conversations. This "Zroom" promises to be inspired, engaged, useful, and supportive, and by the time we wrap and tie off the bow, you'll have a sure sense of how to leave any audition room happy.

Instructor: Ensemble Member and Lookingglass Casting Director Phil Smith

Dates: October 5, 7, 9

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10AM-12PM

Tuition: $100

Warm Up the Cold Read: Audition workshop 2, The CALL BACK

on your callback! Quick, call it back to Lookingglass Casting Director Phil Smith for equipment to make the most out of this experience. A callback means you are in the game and this huddle will include all the Xs and Os you'll need to play it well. Rich discussion is guaranteed on topics including how to work well with others, how to warm up a cold read, how to stand out in the best way, and how to find joy in the heat of the moment.

Instructor: Ensemble Member and Lookingglass Casting Director Philip R. Smith

Dates: November 16, 18, 20

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7-9PM

Tuition: $100

The Writers' Workout

of all levels and disciplines! Move it or lose it! Stretch that creative freedom! Pump them writing muscles! Who needs Richard Simmons? Playwright, actor, 2011 3Arts Awardee, and Lookingglass Ensemble Member Kareem Bandealy (a Cancerian) will bestow unto y'all a thought of the day, guide you through writing prompts to get that stream (of conscious) flowing, and foster a group write where folx work on their own projects. There will be space for questions, sharing, and there will be homework.

Instructor: Kareem Bandealy

Dates: October 24, 31, November 7, 14

Days: Saturdays 12-1:15PM

Tuition: $85


A great wind swept in and pushed past the plains bringing with it the crisp, the rain, the Chromebook, and the Google Classroom login. Whap! School's back! But the fun ain't done. We are a company for all seasons, and there's no expiration on exploration, see? Come feel how Lookingglass tumbles into fall...

For more information or to register for youth classes, visit

Photos: Youth Classes

Play and Emotion (Grades K-2)

Happy, sad, afraid, disgusted, angry, surprised, jealous, proud, curious, silly, bored...or something else. If you feel this way sometimes, you're probably a person. And if you're a little person, you're gonna wanna play about it. So, come on! Show it in your face. Feel it in your body. Let's give/take focus, be mirrors to one another, and find out what feeling's all about. Then, we'll put it in a video so we can remember and share with our families. Deal?

Instructor: Edmund O'Brien
Days: Saturdays 11- 11:30AM

Dates: October 3 - November 14 (7 classes)

Tuition: $80

Composing Character Song (Grades 3-5)
Hey, singer-songwriters! We should totally write our own brand-new songs to sing inspired by famous characters in theater and literature...right? Right on! Alisa Rosenthal will lead us all in fun, high-energy physical and vocal warm-ups and games, share techniques for writing from a character's perspective, and help everyone rehearse for our final live virtual showcase when we share our creations! No musical ability required. Just love singing in the shower!

Instructor: Alisa Rosenthal

Days: Wednesdays 3:30-4:30PM

Dates: October 7 - November 18 (7 classes)
Tuition: $155

Let's Make a Radio Play! (Grades 6-8)

ANNOUNCER: "And now, Children, from somewhere in time, and broadcasting through the atmosphere to the tiny timpani in your teeny ears, Lookingglass Theatre Company presents, 'Let's. Make. A Raaaadioooo Plaaay!'" That's right, Campers! Drop your screens and gather your wits. It's time to send stories through space with sound. Bring your voices (more than one, if you can), use objects around you (for effects), and imagine your favorite tales together as we create our own entirely original, world premiere radio drama!

Instructor: Kevin Wasielewski

Days: Saturdays 10 - 11AM

Dates: October 3 - November 14 (7 classes)

Tuition: $155

Character Study (Grades 9-12)

Discover new and creative tools to craft original characters based on your own experience in the world. Master Actor Lawrence Grimm invites you to exercise and investigate archetype, character objective, secrets, and social status, narrative and history as a gateway to claiming ownership of the creative process. You'll synthesize tools week-to-week culminating in the presentation of a character-driven monologue, which will bear your unique stamp. If you took this class last session and loved it, we will be changing things up so you can take it again!
Instructor: Lawrence Grimm
Days: Tuesdays 4 - 5PM

Dates: October 6 - November 17 (7 classes)
Tuition: $155

Clowning (Grades 9-12)

Find the Bozo that lives in you, bozo! All clowning is, it's the most earnest attempt on life. And life, it's the ultimate obstacle. You get the tension right and you'll be a gut buster, Buster. Because, it is funny when it's not you...and it's hilarious when you've been there too. Bring your whole fearless self and let's clown around, pals!

Instructor: Micah Figueroa

Days: Mondays 4 - 5PM

Dates: October 5 - November 16 (7 classes)

Tuition: $155

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