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Interview: Michael Max Kohl of PERHAPS THE WORLD ENDS HERE at Local Classic Repertory

Michael Max Kohl composed the original score to the Sci-Fi genre-bender new work Perhaps the World Ends Here.

Interview: Michael Max Kohl of PERHAPS THE WORLD ENDS HERE at Local Classic Repertory

Remote theatre company Local Classic Repertory is breaking barriers and starting conversations. With their new work Perhaps the World Ends Here, they're representing indigenous culture and creating art out of the videogaming and queer cultures. LCR Producing Artistic Director Emily Grace Smith comments on the new show, saying "Perhaps the World Ends Here is outlandish and delightful! It's funny and heartwarming and shocking. It's political. It's indigenous. It's queer. IT'S VIDEO GAMES! It breaks the mold in so many ways and I am beyond excited to pioneer this work and share it with audiences."

This new work is exciting and unpredictable, and it's complete with original music throughout. Michael Max Kohl composed the music, a hefty undertaking for this new online show. While prepping for the show to open (It's currently running through September 27th on LCR's Virtual Platform), he graciously agreed to an exclusive interview with Broadway World. Check out his interview below to learn more about this intriguing new work from Local Classic Repertory:

BWW: Tell us about Perhaps the World Ends Here! How did you get involved with this project?Interview: Michael Max Kohl of PERHAPS THE WORLD ENDS HERE at Local Classic Repertory

MMK: I was in a virtual chat room for a musician's networking event with Emily Grace Smith, LCR's founder and Artistic Director, and we hit it off. She found me on Instagram a little while after and saw I was involved in video game music--in this case via my side project Extra Lives, which releases live performances of classic video game music on YouTube.

Emily checked out my website and got in touch; after a few meetings with her and the director/playwright, Daniel Leeman Smith, I was intrigued by the concept and decided to contribute original (as well as repurposed) video game music elements to help create the world of the play.

BWW: How has presenting a new work online been uniquely challenging? What have you learned during this process?

MMK: The biggest challenge here was flying blind: I was essentially 'scoring' a play in advance without being able to see or hear a single thing during production. In the process of navigating that, I've learned how to create and organize a sound bank, how to compose original video game music in an instantly recognizable early-1990s style, and how to get maximum mileage out of a minimum of materials and input.

BWW: What are you most excited about audiences experiencing with this new play?

MMK: Although I've read the play, I haven't actually seen it yet, so I'm pumped to experience the way it's come together after everything (including dialogue) was done virtually. On a more personal note, I'm excited (and admittedly a little nervous) to see how video game SFX and music work in an otherwise 'live,' human play.

BWW: What do you think the future looks like for the arts after the pandemic?

MMK: There may be no future! Perhaps the world ends here! You'll have to check out this production before it closes to find out. :)

Perhaps the World Ends Here, written by Daniel Leeman Smith with Michael Max Kohl, runs until September 27th on Local Classic Repertory's online platform. For tickets and access to the show, visit

Follow Michael on Instagram @MichaelMaxKohl.

Follow Local Classic Repertory on Instagram @Localclassicrepertory.

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