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The Three Sisters, Staged Reading of Act III at The Irma Sandrey Theatre




The Irma Sandrey Theatre

115 E 15th St
New York,
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The Three Sisters, Staged Reading of Act III in Off-Off-Broadway

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The Three Sisters: Staged Reading of Act III – by Anton Chekhov; translated by Randall Jarrell; directed by Dr. Sergei Tcherkasski. Among our many 50th Anniversary celebrations at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, Dr. Sergei Tcherkasski (St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy) is leading a master-class workshop on The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov. It will culminate on October 10 at 7pm in a staged reading of Act III that will present Stanislavsky's original production plan of the play. It's worth mentioning that young Lee Strasberg attended the Moscow Art Theatre production of The Three Sisters in New York in 1923. Throughout his directing and teaching career, he spoke very highly of Stanislavskys production; his own production of The Three Sisters was staged in 1964 and filmed in 1966. Join this extraordinary visiting director and his marvelous cast of LSTFI alumnus in this research project / staged work that will give you better understanding of both the Stanislavsky System and the Method! Rare archival photos and documents of the original Moscow Art Theatre production of 1901 will be presented and commented afterwards. Featured Cast: Joseph Ramondino (Andrei); Andre Vauthey (Kulygin); Alex Notkin (Vershinin); Henry Austin Shikongo (Tuzenbach); Sergey Petrov (Solyony); Ted Zurkowski (Chebutykin); Adil Zubair (Fedotik); Anand V. (Ferapont); Michal Birnbaum (Anfisa); Ella Ayberk (Natasha); Yanina Hope (Olga); Georgia Jenkins (Masha); Ana Moioli (Irina); Amanda Lanza (Maid)

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