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Thaddeus Phillips to Present ZOO MUNDO


Zoo Mundo is fantastic voyage of live theatrical cinema in which three stories take spectators on a trip from Ethiopia to Antarctica and eclectic points in between.

Thaddeus Phillips to Present ZOO MUNDO

Theater director, designer and performer Thaddeus Phillips (Zoo Motel, 17 Border Crossings, A Billion Nights on Earth, Red-Eye to Havre de Grace, Lost Soles) and artist Steven Dufala (HOME & The Object Lesson) will transport viewers across the Earth entire with a live cinematic play about humanity & coffee titled Zoo Mundo. This live online performance runs January 6-30. Opening Night is January 17. In this new work, presented by The Miami Light Project, three different people, with three different stories, take audiences along the path along the route out of East Africa that follows the first humans and the first coffee beans. Zoo Mundo theatrically visits in Addis Ababa, Venice, Moscow, the Siberian Express, across the Bering Straight and down the Pacific coast ending in Antartica. All this is performed by Phillips live and over the world wide web, in and around miniature and surreal sets created by Obie Award winning Artist and Designer, Steven Dufala. Zoo Mundo is an exploration on what makes us human, where we have been and where we are going and is performed for only 25 screens nightly. Tickets cost $33 and are available at

Tatiana Mallarino is co-directing and the dramaturg for ZOO MUNDO while Steve Cuiffo, fresh off working on "Dana H" on Broadway and creating magic for the new season of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel", will be devising magic and illusions.

In 2020, Director Thaddeus Phillips & Designer Steven Dufala created "Zoo Motel", which opened in September of 2020 for an initial run of only 4 weeks, but was extended for an additional 36 weeks and presented by venues and theaters across the world from the Festival Otono in Madrid, The Carrefour de Theatre in Quebec, Theatre Nation in the UK and by theaters in Prague, Edinburgh, Santiago de Chile, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Toronto and Sibiu, Romania. It was translated into French & Spanish (in which Phillips performed). "Zoo Motel" became the longest running live online theater play. Romanian theater writer & scholar, OCTAVIAN SAIU of the International Association of Theatre Critics wrote: "In the most improbable and extraordinary way, "Zoo Motel" is real, genuine theatre: although it defies all the classical definitions of this art form, it succeeds in affirming its essence"

Zoo Mundo takes the experiments made in "Zoo Motel" to the next level; Phillips says: ¨Zoo Motel¨ was about confinement but Zoo Mundo is about exploration. With the first project, we touched on some ideas of what could be done making theater live yet via a camera and we wanted to create with absolutely no limits on where we could go cinematically or theatrically. Thus, we crafted the most ridiculously epic and technically impossible storylines for Zoo Mundo and will be performing the work as one continuous shot to create a unique, fun and harrowing theatrical event that can be seen from anywhere on earth. Thematically, we are at an absolutely crazy time on this planet, this work seeks to look at the zoo we have created for ourselves and try to grapple with the huge questions we face, and try to understand how we, simply put, as a species are so intelligent and so stupid as the same time. Zoo Mundo is a theatrical examination of this planet and all its oddities, curiosities, failures, and triumphs".

Zoo Mundo will feature sections that invoke spectator interaction through a surreal Jeopardy game show, various illusions, and magic. A Program PDF will be sent to online audiences complete with printable artistic objects, created by Dufala, that accent and enhance the live work.



Created by Thaddeus Phillips, Tatiana Mallarino & Steven Dufala

Designed by Steven Dufala & Thaddeus Phillips

Directed by Tatiana Mallarino & Thaddeus Phillips

Magic by Steve Cuiffo

Performed by Thaddeus Phillips


PREVIEWS - January 6th to January 9

Tickets are $33

Thur - 8pm ET

Fri - 8pm ET

Sat - 2pm ET (7pm UK, 8pm EU) & 8pm ET

Sun - 8pm ET

Press Dates January 13-16

Opening Night On January 17th.

PERFORMANCES - January 13th to 30th

Tickets are $33 dollars

available at

Thur - 8pm ET

Fri - 8pm ET

Sat - 2pm ET (7pm UK, 8pm EU) & 8pm ET

Sun - 8pm ET

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