Off-Broadway Bound STAR TREK Parody Musical to Play Preview Concert at Metropolitan Room, 10/14

Where No Man Has Gone Before- The Unauthorized Star Trek Parody Musical, which has set its sights on a Fall 2014 Off-Broadway Opening Night, will present a special one night only concert featuring songs and scenes from the show at Manhattan's Metropolitan Room on October 14th at 9:30pm. The concert will feature members from the very successful DC workshop cast including Anthony Logan Cole (who will reprise his role as Gary Mitchell) and will be narrated by WNMHGB writers Clara Hoch and Eva Thorpe. The concert is presented by Benjamin Simpson of Box 5 Theatricals and Eva Thorpe of Curtain Love Theatre Company. Tickets are available at

Complete casting to be announced soon.

The plot of the musical follows along with the second Star Trek pilot (the original one to air). All is well on the Enterprise under the hand of James T. Kirk as the ship welcomes its new psychiatrist Dr. Elisabeth Dehner. The cocksure Kirk immediately begins a torrid love affair with Dehner. But not everyone on the Enterprise is so happy, the ship's librarian Gary Mitchell vows to kill Kirk and steal Dehner's heart. When things go horribly wrong during a rescue mission and Dehner and Mitchell are blasted with space radiation and develop psychic powers. Will they be able retain their humanity? Will Spock be able to overcome his Uncomfortable Bowel Syndrome and find love? Why is Kirk such as dick? All this and more will be answered in Hoch and Thorpe's Pon Farr Fest of a musical!

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