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Musicals Tonight Present Cole Porter's SOMETHING FOR THE BOYS, 5/1-5/13

Musicals Tonight will be presenting Cole Porter's SOMETHING FOR THE BOYS May 1-13 at The Lion Theatre (410 West 42nd Street). Tickets are $25 at the Box Office or from Telecharge at (212)239-6200 or

The three Hart cousins, who have never met -- machinist Blossom (Lauren Elaine Taylor), con man Harry (Roger Rifkin), and revue singer Chiquita (Valerie Lynn Williams) find out from Lawyer Calhoun (Dan Debenport) that they have inherited property in Texas. However, the place is a wreck. They decide to convert it into a hotel for the wives and girl friends (Merissa Czyz, Daniella Dalli, Savannah Frazier, Amy Grass, Rita Markova) of the soldiers at the Army base next door. Sgt. Rocky Fulton (Mike Backes) and his fellow band members (Ben Liebert, Justin Flagg, Joshua Houghton, Carlos Martin, Matthew Schatz) offer to help pay for the fix up by putting on a show -- what else? The base commander – Lt. Col. Grubbs (David Edwards) and his wife (Anette Michelle Sanders) reluctantly agree to all this. A squatter – Tobias Twitch (Scott Cote) – has to be evicted. Rocky’s society girl friend - Melanie (Erin Elizabeth Coors) has to be removed from the romantic race for Rocky that Blossom intends to win. And among the songs are -- Hey, Good Lookin', He's a Right Guy, The Leader of a Big Time Band, Could It Be You?, I'm in Love with a Soldier Boy.

Performance Schedule:

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 (7:30) 2 (2:00/7:30) 3 (7:30) 4 (2:00/7:30) 5 (7:30) 6 (2:00)
8 (7:30) 9 (2:00/7:30) 10 (7:30) 11 (2:00/7:30) 12 (7:30) 13 (2:00)

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