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THE UNBRUNCH, A New Immersive Brunch From Sleep No More Alumni Opens January 5


THE UNBRUNCH, A New Immersive Brunch From Sleep No More Alumni Opens January 5

Journey down the rabbit hole and discover ever-growing spaces, all-knowing strangers, and never-ending feasts. Rest your hunger and feed your head before space and time run out. Who knows? Your watch may be ticking already two days too late.

The Unbrunch is a fully immersive experience that invites guests to journey down the Rabbit Hole and explore all the whimsies that Wonderland has to offer. The curious residents encourage guests to fall further down into this strange place, but look before you leap: Danger can be found in even the lightest of places.

A site-specific event, The Unbrunch takes place in an illustrious (and undisclosed) location. This exclusive members-only club is typically closed to the public, but will open its doors and sprawling five floors to guests participating in The Unbrunch. The event utilizes all five floors, each floor representing a different layer of Wonderland as the actors and audience members move freely throughout the historic brownstone witnessing musings, movement, music, and mayhem.

As its name may (or may not) suggest, the show features brunch in the form of bite-sized brunch delicacies, which means that guests can eat and drink at their whim. Fantastical fare and lively libations are a very special addition to The Unbrunch, which makes for a truly enveloping experience. Each floor of Wonderland features a buffet with different food and beverage offerings making the journey deeper down the Rabbit Hole one of delicious discovery. Wonderland is far more than just a visual immersion-it is an olfactory, gustatory, auditory, and tactile experience.

The Unbrunch is currently a limited engagement. Performances occur on Saturday mornings beginning January 5th, 2019. Entry times vary between 11am and 12 noon. Tickets are on sale now and can be reserved at

Cinereal Productions is a multi-disciplinary firm that focuses on creating captivating work that commands attention and provokes thought. We aim to activate the audience and create experiential art that induces physical reaction.

Founded in 2016 by Billy Bell and Devin Compton, Cinereal is a response to the plateauing market in the art and design industries. Feeling conflicted about the lack of creation in their fields, Bell and Compton strive to shake things up and create new sectors, in which artists can continue to create. With a mixed background including dance, theater, writing, graphic design, interior architecture, and marketing, Cinereal merges disciplines to develop unique works of art that are both innovative and commercially appealing. Find out more at:

Billy Bell | Producer, Concept, Director, Choreographer
Devin Compton | Producer, Concept, Director, Writer
Ali Castro | Associate Director, Assistant Choreographer
Amy Gardner | Photographer, Videographer
Marc Cardarelli | Sound Designer
Rachelle Koser | Venue Coordinator
Carlene Nelson | Executive Chef

Tony Bordonaro (Sleep No More), Amy Miyako, Louis Butelli (Sleep No More,The Knick),
Ginger Kearns (Sleep No More, Boardwalk Empire), Zach Martens (Sleep No More, Grand Paradise),
Marla Phelan (Sleep No More, Fiddler on the Roof), CJ Eldred, Ken King (The Lost Supper), Alec
Funiciello (The Lost Supper), Kelly Bartnik (Sleep No More, HERE), Tariq Malik (Trainspotting), Kate
Harpootlian (Shaping Sounds, So You Think You Can Dance), Shane Jensen (Sleep No More), Mallory
Gracenin (Sleep No More)


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