Photo Flash: 'Artfxxxkers' Opening Night Party

Following its sold-out limited run at Theater for the New City, Michael Domitrovich's shockingly topical and seductive new play Artfuckers, directed by Eduardo Machado, officially opened Tuesday, February 26 at 7PM at DR2 Theatre (103 East 15th).

"Artfuckers, a new play about the second generation artistic elite of Downtown Manhattan – the privileged children of the money-art scenesters of the 1980's – follows a group of hot, creative twentysomethings who are collaborating on their friend's debut showing at New York Fashion week.  Using sex, status and New York City street smarts, the characters live in a world where everything is allowed and nothing is questioned… as long as it's in the name of art.  Artfuckers reveals a dramatic slice of today's Celebrity Art Scene, where the question on everyone's mind is: Are these people successful because of what they do or who they are?" describe press notes.

The cast of Artfuckers includes Nicole LaLiberte (as Bella, a downtown "It-girl" and the daughter of a famous artist), Will Janowitz (as Owen, Bella's boyfriend, an obsessive contemporary art-star), Asher Grodman (as Trevor, a hot, newly successful electronic musician and Bella's latest conquest), Jessica Kaye (as Bella's sister Maggie, a tough as nails publicist) and Tuomas Hiltunen (as Max, a wunderkind designer whose fashion show brings the group together).

The design team includes Maruti Evans (Set Design), Margaret Moy (Costume Design), Ken Hypes (Sound Design) and Chris Kateff (Video Design).

Artfuckers will play the following schedule at the DR2 Theatre (103 East 15th Street off Union Square): Tuesday – Friday at 8:00pm; Saturday at 5:00pm and 9:00pm; Sunday at 3:00pm.  Please note: There will be an additional performance on Monday, February 18 at 8:00pm; there will be no 9:00pm performance on February 9 and 16; and no performance on Sunday, February 17. 

Tickets are $25-65 and can be arranged through or by calling 212-239-6200. For more information, please visit

Photos by Rob Rich:

Artfxxxkers officially opened Tuesday, February 26 at DR2 Theatre (103 East 15th Street)

Margaret Moy (Costume Designer) and Gisele Viera

Andrew Stein and Alessandra Duranceau

Jamie Arizarry and Maria Widmar

Beca Krauss, Austin Irving and Jesse White

Victor Syrmis (producer) and Pamela Shaw

Victor Syrmis, Carl Rumbaugh, Susan Batson, Billy Hopkins and Keegan Killian

Maxine Kaye and Jessica Kaye

Heidi Guber, Zev Guber and Bobby Zarem

Scott Mcletchie and Emily Tremaine

Cast members: Asher Brodman, Tuomas Hiltunen, Jessica Kaye, Nicole Liberte and Will Janowitz

Diane Passage and Tuomas Hiltunen

Victior Syrmis and Jessica Kaye

Mark Grodman, Zane Grodman, Diane Passage and Ken Starr

Ken Starr and Diane Passage

Marty Bregman, Cornelia Sharpe Bregman, Joan Jedell and Susan Batson

Pat McLaughlin, Eduardo Machado (Director), Sandi Farkas and Michael Domitrovich (playwright)

Meghan Smith and Bobby Fields

Nora Brickman, J.J. Kandel

Jessica Kaye, Nicole LaLiberte and Diane Passage

Jessica Kaye

Michael Domitrovich and Tuomas Hiltunen

Nicole LaLiberte

Steve DeRosa, Billy Zavelson and Gary Simko

Stephanie Sertich, Michael Domitrovich and Eduardo Machado

Jessica Kaye and Will Janowitz

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