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On Brand Productions Presents the FALL SERIES

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The series streams October 15-21.

On Brand Productions Presents the FALL SERIES

On Brand Productions is a New up and coming fully Black-Owned production company taking the industry by storm. After a successful Digital Drama Fest and August series, they decided to do multiple plays each month until the reopening of Broadway. Built to change the norms for the theater and film industry all-together the company puts on 4-8 original shows (I.e. plays, musicals, shorts, etc.) every single month. For the months of September-November, they have combined everything into a week-long festival. The "Fall Series". The production team is so unbelievably proud of everyone who has participated in this event. Everyone has worked so incredibly hard and now as a company they cannot wait for you to see the show!

To book tickets go to On Brand Productions L.L.C.

The straight plays include:

"Oblivescence" written by Isabel Lorraine; Dir. By Katherine Lieblang. In this piece, Marcel played by Senai Abrahams is forced into a whirlwind of unexpected adversities where he is thrust into the process of forgetting himself due to Alzheimer's and an unforeseen accident. At the same time, Marcel is struggling to keep the love of his life Eva, played by Isabel Lorraine herself, in his life even amidst himself being lost. We have an outstanding cast including Senai Abrahams, Isabel Lorraine, Joyce, Gerandy Mercado, Shiny, Iykechi McCoy, and Megan Lomax. Together this cast brings light into the life of this breathtaking journey. This is directed by Katherine Lieblang who uses her expertise to bring the show to a unique creative direction.

"Metanoia" written by Isabel Lorraine sheds light on mutism. It is a story following Maliyah and her journey to living in silence. Her journey to finding her voice again. She also is on a journey of dealing with wanting to be loved. Within this story, we follow her journey of abuse, assault, and situational mutism. Keon played by Tyler Dowling is Maliyah's new hope for the future. After being degraded by Easton, played by Zachary Fried, Maliyah is forced into being unable to open back up and is challenged by life to change her way of life. The piece is directed by Isabel Lorraine and made out to be a piece that stretches the meaning of what it means to be comfortable. It stretches the norms to new heights to expose the audience to a different adaptation of life. It's real, it's moving, and an overall powerful piece at hand.

"Widowed" written by Isabel Lorraine is a comedy bringing laughs to the overall working woman. Gracelynn brought to life by Candy Dato, is thrust into the life of hiding her real dreams and goals. In fact, she buried them with Marco husband #2 played by Mark Sarchet. After her experiences with Gabriel/Husband number 4, played by Iykechi McCoy, dying at the altar Gracelynn is forced to decide whether to go after her dreams or live being haunted by her deceased. Alessandra, played by Marilyn Miller, has already begun thriving off of Gracelynn's former expertise. When forced with the problem of bankruptcy and watching everything crumble before her eyes she has to decide what is truly important in this life. Directed by Isabel Lorraine this comedy truly hits all the spots in life that make us want to roll on the floor laughing. The outstanding cast consists of Candy Dato, Marilyn Miller, Mark Sarchet, Iykechi McCoy, Autumn Eliza Sheffy, Scot Gladstone, and Emily Walugembe.

"Trouvaille" written by Isabel Lorraine is a rom-com without the rom. Everyone's dream romance story...right? Kendall, played by Mercedez Ja'Miece, is forced to find the secret to love in only two weeks or give up the job she worked so hard for. Her best friends Kyle played by Zachary Fried, Jada played by Yvonne J. Pruitt, and Keisha played by Alondra are all willing to help her meet her goal. The problem...Kendall has never been on a successful date and they are the best at finding them either. After experiencing the worst romance known to man-kind Kendall is forced to decide what is best for herself and her career. She grows a backbone finding the value of her worth and discovering all of life's dirty secrets. She finds that something lovely can be discovered by chance even in the worst situations. The amazing cast is made up of Mercedez Ja'Miece, Yvonne J. Pruitt, Alondra, Zachary Fried, Scot Gladstone, Anna Defendiefer, Tyler Dowling, Gerandy Mercado, and Emily Walugembe. Directed by Isabel Lorraine this comedy is pushing all the limits and leaving people speechless and longing for more rom-coms without the rom. It's relatable.

Our Production team is built up of an outstanding directing team including Isabel Lorraine, Katherine Lieblang, and Shiny. The company has Two Head Assistant directors Joyce & Emily Walugembe who are paving the way to reinvent the position of an Assistant Director. The team also has Gerandy Mercado working alongside as an AD. Together the team can establish and redefine the meaning of art altogether. We are proud of our team and actors and look forward to seeing you all there!

You can find more information directly on the website at or their social media. Follow the socials for giveaways, the newest information, and to support their creations!





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