Fault Line Theatre Will Present The World Premiere of TWENTY TWENTY: A PLAY

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Fault Line Theatre (Aaron Rossini, Producing Artistic Director) will present the world-premiere of Twenty Twenty: a play, written by Alix Sobler and directed by Aaron Rossini as the mainstage production for their 10th anniversary season. Twenty Twenty was commissioned and developed by Fault Line Theatre and will play the Paradise Factory (64 East 4th Street) from October 23 - November 21, 2020.

A neurotic playwright's exploration of the abolishment of the Fairness Doctrine.

A comedy. Sort of.

Full casting, creative team, ticket pricing and performance schedule for Twenty Twenty will be announced at a later date.

Fault Line has also announced the Irons in the Fire selections for 2020. Irons in the Fire - now in its third season - is a year-round reading series of new plays in development.


By Stefani Kuo

Directed by Mei Ann Teo

Monday, March 9th at 5:30pm

Final Boarding Call tells the stories of the current Hong Kong protests. The play revolves around the stories of seven characters whose backgrounds and perspectives run the spectrum - from extremist Hong Konger to pro-democracy yet financially driven American, Mainland Chinese mother to Hong Kong journalist. The play begins and ends with a flight, an entrance into the Hong Kong protests and how the politics we see on the news every day affects the citizens of Hong Kong in their day to day lives. But most importantly, it gives the audience a window into China's grip on global capitalism. Both in America, and in the small cramped apartments of Hong Kong, China and the Communist Party is an inevitable force we have yet to fully reckon with.


By Sam Marks

Directed by Morgan Green

Monday, March 30th at 5:30pm

The Department Party is set in a small faculty apartment in a New England university town and focuses on the last night of an affair between a graduate professor (30's) and a graduate student (20's), and a chance interaction with a downstairs neighbor (40's) and seven year old daughter. The play takes place in real time, for about an hour, in an attic apartment. It starts with a small argument between Frances, a grad student and a junior professor. And when the professor leaves to go to 'The Department Party", Frances, the graduate student is left in his apartment alone, where she soon meets the downstairs neighbors. This interaction allows her to peer into some of the revelations of adulthood and changes Frances' understanding of how her situation, her life operates, and, realizing some things, she ultimately leaves.

The play not only explores the end of an affair and the end of innocence but --more significantly-- reflects our current moment and understanding of power dynamics in a post #metoo world. The play mediates on loss and also brings a more clear-eyed, perhaps provocative, look at power imbalances and personal responsibility


By Bleu Beckford-Burrell

Directed by Chika Ike

Monday, April 27th @ 5:30pm

Recently fired and secretly grappling with depression, Maxine is mobilized to run for office by her revolutionist best friend A.J.; relationships are formed, questioned, and broken with this eclectic committee from the 31st district, as they deal with race, identity, and gentrification.


By Zackary Grady

Directed by Portia Krieger

Saturday, May 30th @ 4:00pm

In the year 2046, Prince George is now in his thirties, married to a man, and next in line for the British throne. But when he and his husband share news with his sister Princess Charlotte and his brother Prince Louis, a sibling fight breaks out that could destroy not only their family, but one of the last surviving monarchies in the world.


By Eliza Bent

Directed by Knud Adams

Saturday, September 12th @ 4:00pm

THE REGULARS is set inside "Illusions," a magic shop in Boston's Faneuil Hall in 2002, and unfolds over a summer following the lives of Gemma, Gerry, Mike and Monika. The play uses amateur and professional magic, whoopie cushions, corny songs from the 70s and 80s, and Steven Tyler holograms to examine moments of ennui and grace in everyday life. The play also looks at the stories we tell ourselves-and the more complicated realities-about what it has meant to be an "average American" throughout our nation's history, from its founding through to today.


By Daria Miyeko Marinelli

Directed by Zi Alikhan

Sunday, December 13th @ 4pm

I thought you checked your car-fluids / I did ?

Professionally ? / No.


Aimiko has never taken a road trip with t/her Mom. Sharon has never seen nor heard of any sort of mother-daughterchild road trip.

And so, our brave pioneers take to the road, driving West, 10 miles per hour above the speed limit, with tales of cannibals (The Donner Party), crane wives (The Decemberists), and samurai children (the mythic family lore) buzzing over the airwaves, offering avenues of survival, all of which are only moderately helpful when Aimiko's car radiator suddenly goes dead.

This is their story.

Each public presentation of Irons in the Fire works in progress is hosted in an environment that appropriately celebrates that particular new script and is supported by a social event that brings the downtown theatre community together in a fun and meaningful way. These reading events are the culmination of a few hours, a few weeks, or even a few months of rehearsal, depending on what each project requires. For the latest information on Irons in the Fire productions, visit:


Fault Line Theatre (Aaron Rossini, Producing Artistic Director) now celebrating its 10th anniversary season, creates and produces socially relevant, character-driven plays for today's audiences. By employing the best members of our artistic community, Fault Line Theatre strives both to challenge veteran theatergoers and welcome those new to the art form. Craig Wesley Divino serves as Chair of the Board of Directors.





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