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Nunset Boulevard

1/6/2012 - 2/5/2012
Jefferson Performing Arts Society
The Nutcracker
Metairie, LA 70001
Phone: 504.885.2000

Nunset Boulevard in New Orleans

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THE NUNSENSE HOLLYWOOD BOWL SHOW! Your favorite Little Sisters take the stage once again! This time, they have been invited to sing at the Hollywood Bowl. They are thrilled at the prospect until they arrive and realize that they are booked into the Hollywood Bowl-A-Rama---a bowling alley with a cabaret lounge - and not the famed "Bowl" they were planning on. The show is structured in the tried and true variety format, but as always, things go awry. The Sisters have to contend with announcements from the bowling alley public address system as well as the activity on the lanes. When the Sisters get wind of the fact that a famed movie producer is across the street auditioning for roles in his new movie musical, the Sisters get starstruck and as always, hilarity ensues! See what happens as the Little Sisters try their hand at Hollywood in this new reincarnation of the Nusnesne series! (Different Venues)

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