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The Cast List: A Comedy in 2 Acts

4/28/2017 - 5/14/2017
Lakewood Theatre Company
368 South State St
Old Hickory, TN 37138

The Cast List: A Comedy in 2 Acts in Nashville

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In the vein of the hilarious play-within-a-play "rockumentary" movie Waiting for Guffman, Gayle Greene's award-winning The Cast List sets its comedic sights on a struggling theatre company. The Arts Center is desperately treading water in an attempt to avoid a looming financial whirlpool, and the solution seems obvious: stage a surefire money-maker with great name recognition and no royalties ... Romeo and Juliet! Get ready to laugh as Shakespeare's classic tragedy becomes a comedic minefield in this heart-filled farce at Old Hickory's Lakewood Theatre Company.

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