Wedgewood Houston to Host NASHVILLE DRAG CRAWL This Month

The event will take place on Sunday, May 21st.

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On Sunday May 21st , the neighborhood of Wedgewood Houston, along with select businesses city-wide, celebrate freedom of expression in solidarity with our LGBTQ community by dressing in your favorite Drag attire for the ultimate Sunday Funday.

The event is called The Nashville Drag Crawl. It is a simple format inspired by a good old-fashioned pub crawl, where folks are encouraged (not required) to participate by dressing up in drag! It is also the official after-party of Diskin Cider's event on the same day, titled, Diskin Diva's Drag Brunch. Proceeds from the bars and restaurants involved will go to the "Just Us" program at the Oasis Center, Inclusion TN & The National Center for Transgender Equality.

Why are we doing this you ask? Let us provide some background! Tennessee has placed into legislation 26 Anti-LGBTQ bills.

One, most infamously, is known as the "Drag Ban". It outlaws the historical and cultural art of Drag from holding performances on public property as well as locations where it can be viewed by minors. As a result of their hard word and advocacy, the LGBTQ community was able to temporarily block the legislation on the Drag Ban up until May 26. Sometime in late May it is expected to be heard.

This is one victory in many that we proudly continue to fight for; however, there still remains an onslaught of measures that have passed attacking our LGBTQ neighbors.
For scale, the following are only 4 additional legislations out of 26 - a recent bill bans gender-affirming care for transgender youth - putting the government in charge of vital decisions traditionally reserved to parents. This law takes effect as soon as July 1st. Another bill allows county clerks to deny marriage licenses to interfaith, same-sex and interracial couples. There is now a second attempt to to limit drag performances by enforcing a bill that requires Drag Artists to obtain a lengthy permit before they step foot on a stage. Lastly, the bill SB 1440 codifies "sex" as "a person's immutable biological sex as determined by anatomy and genetics existing at the time of birth", taking away trans rights to identify as their true selves. To Learn more about the legislation visit

"We believe this is a direct attack on our community - not only on the art of Drag but on freedom of speech, freedom of expression and most aggressively on transgender people, never mind the L.G.B.T.Q. community as a whole. Our basic human rights are up for questioning. We have to get loud, this is not going to stop unless we work to stop it." states Alie Stewart. Stewart is the president of Ragana Creative, an events company in Nashville.
She received a call from Jannah Sims-Franciosa , the co-owner of Il Forno, an Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria in Wedgewood Houston shortly after the Drag ban was initially passed. "I just spoke with Parker." Parker Loudermilk is co-owner of Fait La Force, a Belgian Brewery and neighbor to Il Forno, "We both agree, we need to do something."

Stewart, Loudermilk and Sims-Franciosa have collaborated previously together on a fundraiser for Ukraine. Their team has strengthened over the past few years, building a larger community, with collaborations with groups like The Residents of Wedgewood Houston, a not- for-profit organization open to its local residents.

Earnest Morgan, a member of the organization, states, "Tennessee lawmakers have fabricated a public policy for a problem that doesn't exist, and continues to ignore solutions for proven threats to our mass shootings at schools. Wedgewood Houston is a welcoming neighborhood, and I'm proud of ALL my neighbors...including the ones that are directly impacted by this ridiculous law."

Loudermilk adds "The Crawl reflects the motto of our business - to create a space and experience that is inclusive. As we've watched Tennessee make decisions that limit the rights of many of our neighbors, customers, and friends, it is important for us to participate in this event to show support for our community. No matter who you are, we want you to know and feel that you belong."

Dozens of surrounding businesses have come through to participate in The Nashville Drag Crawl, there is momentum and excitement buzzing. Excitedly, Stewart chimes in, "We have something beautiful here. I am so honored by the amount of immense support we are getting, come out Nashville! We can't wait to see you!!"

The Details:

Sunday May 21st - 3pm - 8pm
Rain or Shine

Launch of Crawl will be located at 1414 3rd Ave S
Drag Queen / King supplies as well as additional information will be provided there Ride Share is encouraged, there is also street parking

Proceeds will go to the following organizations - Just Us at The Oasis Center Inclusion TN
National Center For Transgender Equality

The Crawl Streets

Houston Street between Martin and 4th Ave Hart Ave between 4th Ave and 3rd Ave
3rd Ave between Hart and Il Forno / Fait La Force 4th Ave between Houston and Lucky's Bar Martin St. between Houston and Merritt

How to Show Up

Dress in Drag (Encouraged, not required) Borrow a boa, smudge on some glitter, paint your nails, throw on a wig. Come as you are, all allies are welcome.


Safety is our number one priority. We are in contact with local authorities who have been made aware of our event and support our safety and protection. We have a Safety Measures Plan in effect which will be released to the participants of the Drag Crawl prior to the event. Participants are asked to please call 911 in case of any emergency.

This is not a ticketed event, come one come all!

For more information such and for details on the restaurants and bars involved visit


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