This productions runs now through December 3, 2023

By: Nov. 25, 2023

Review: 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE… BY CIRQUE DU SOLEIL at Northrup During the holidays, traditions take on a magical twist in this production. Isabella and her father's annual reading of "A Visit from Saint Nicholas" becomes a fantastical journey when the poem's magic comes to life, separating them in a snowstorm. Amidst a winter wonderland inspired by the poem, they encounter whimsical characters and acrobats, culminating in a heartwarming reunion.

The set design beautifully captures the winter theme, adorned with sparkly garlands and a subtle nod to sledding. The story explores the dynamics of a father-daughter relationship, emphasizing the balance between growing up and holding onto cherished traditions. The ensemble of background dancers enhances the storytelling through choreographed numbers.

The performers showcase remarkable talent, demonstrating a blend of skill, focus, and strength. Adorned in vibrant holiday costumes, they act out the narrative while executing impressive acts and stunts set to remixed holiday tunes. The production's seamless integration of visuals, sounds, and effects creates a mind-blowing experience that captivates the audience.

The crowd's stunned reactions and enthusiastic cheers throughout the performance attest to its success. I wholeheartedly recommend attending this production to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit. For ticket information and more details, click the link below.