Review: PIÑATA at Rarig Center Xperimental

This production runs now through August 14th

By: Aug. 07, 2022
Review: PIÑATA  at Rarig Center Xperimental

Review: PIÑATA  at Rarig Center Xperimental

When an alpha-mom puts two other moms in the "penalty box" at a kid's party... rules get OBLITERATED. This wild romp through the competitive world of Mom-ing packs a hilarious punch with its all-female cast.

This production is in part with the Minnesota Fringe by Nocturnal Giraffe and direct by Joy Donley. It was in the intimate Raring Center Xperimental theatre. It was sold out! This production had a set of what represented green grass, pool noodles to represent the penalty box and a few other props used for this production.

This show reminds me of the mom type shows like the movie "Bad Moms," where it goes into the comedic story about the mom life and reality of it. The four actresses were all really talented and had a great bond and chemistry with each other. The script was so funny, the audience was laughing throughout and it also had some nice moments of being a parent. It shows that you can't judge a book by it's cover and what may appear on the outside as perfect and wonderful, isn't always the case.

I would highly recommend seeing this production!

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